Yokogawa & Dell (IA + IT) Alliance

0:00 "Yokogawa Corporation of America Strategy in the US, Canada & Mexico" by Chet Mroz, President & CEO, Yokogawa Corporation of America

4:13 "Creating Value and Innovation in Industrial Automation (IA) through Strategic Alliances" by Chiaki Itoh, VP, IA Marketing HQ, Yokogawa Electric Corporation

8:47 "Global Strategic Alliance with DELL" by Nobuaki Konishi, VP, Systems Business Div., IA Platform Business HQ, Yokogawa Electric Corporation

20:24 "The Dell OEM Advantage" by Joyce Mullen, VP and General Manager, OEM Solutions, Dell Inc.

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Main Automation Contractor (MAC)

Yokogawa's main automation contractor (MAC) service delivers the full scope of project execution capabilities. Yokogawa assumes responsibility over the entire automation related aspects of the project, helping you meet budget, time, manpower, delivery, and risk management needs.

Distributed Control System (DCS)

Yokogawa Distributed Control Systems (DCS) deliver the industry's highest proven availability, maximizing performance and profitability.

Project Execution Services

As your automation partner, Yokogawa delivers a total automation solution, covering the entire lifecycle of projects.