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Yokogawa field instrument products include a complete line of flowmeters, pressure transmitters, differential pressure transmitters, temperature transmitters, level transmitters, Fieldbus instruments and safety measurement instrumentation.

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  • Pressure Transmitters

    Yokogawa pressure transmitters, transducers, and sensors improve industrial operations and are designed to withstand harsh installation environments.

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  • Flow Meters

    Yokogawa's range of flow meter instruments include vortex, magnetic, variable area, Coriolis, and differential pressure flow meters.

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  • Field Wireless

    The flexibility of wireless solutions enables less investment in infrastructure while providing greater insights into plant operations.

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  • Remote Indicators

    Remote Indicators can be a valuable addition to process measurements by providing local visual awareness of your process variables. Yokogawa offers several different Indicators for you needs.

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  • Pressure Calibrators

    Calibrators are used to validate and adjust the accuracy of field instrumentation, which can deteriorate over time due to harsh environmental or process conditions, leading to plant shutdowns and thus opportunity costs, or personnel injury.

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  • Flow Computers

    Yokogawa offers a wide range of flow computers/totalizers, batch controllers and thermal energy calculators. Accepting signals from our vortex and magnetic flowmeters, the instruments are also suitable for use with other flow measurement technologies, including turbine, differential pressure, and target type flowmeters.

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  • HART Converters

    HART Converters consist of the Smart HART loop interfaces and monitors; as well as, HART concentrator systems and HART-to-MODBUS RTU.

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  • A Japanese petrochemical plant leverages FDT/DTM-compliant intelligent field devices and Yokogawa's PRM asset management system for maintenance efficiency.
  • The customer aims to improve maintenance efficiency further by introducing condition-based maintenance (CBM).
  • Yokogawa provided control solutions for expansion project in sugar and bio-energy plant.
  • Consolidated central control room was designed for safe, comfortable, and efficient work environment.

Yokogawa provided an integrated and comprehensive solution for ethylene cracking process optimization.

SMOC APC controller improved control level of ethylene cracking unit and reduced operators workload.


SENAI-AL selected Yokogawa to provide the training solutions to learn the latest technologies as well as measurement and feedback control.

Yokogawa's STARDOM and transmitters are used for the micro ethanol distillation plant to develop future engineers.


This toolkit includes:

  • How to reduce boiler accidents
  • Best practices for optimizing pressure startup and combustion
  • How to accurately measure steam and carbon monoxide
  • The Top 3 things to consider in your boiler lifecycle

Download this eBook and learn:

  • The top challenges that drive reinstrumentation
  • How to plan for and achieve a successful project
  • Best practices in identifying your project scope
  • 5 ways to improve operator effectiveness
  • Different scenarios and best practices for updating, migrating or replacing process controls, safety systems, and instrumentation in plants

Your field devices and actuators want to tell you more of what is happening in the plant, all you have to do is listen.


As digital and multi-functional field devices are increasingly used in the process industry today, users have access to large amounts of information available from such devices.

Languages All of Yokogawa's documentation is available in English and Japanese. Select other languages are also available. If you have a need for a document in another language, contact your local Yokogawa representative. ...
Edition 2
Yokogawa transmitters have both Hardware and Software Tag Numbers. Hardware Tag Yokogawa pressure transmitters have a permanently attached tag plate located on the neck of the transmitter. The tag accommodates up to 22 characters. An optional wire...
Edition 01
Meter Run Yokogawa's EJA115E and EJX115A are low flow volumetric differential pressure flow meters. They employ a simple integrated IFO to generate differential pressure. The unit requires a certain number of upstream and downstream pipe diamete...
Edition 2
Sizes 2.5 to 10 mm (0.1 to 0.4 in): 5 µS/cm or greater Sizes 15 to 125 mm (0.5 to 5 in): 1 µS/cm or greater Sizes 150 to 400 mm (6 to 16 in): 3 µS/cm or greater When conductivity is below the 3 µS/cm, we recommend using ...
Sizes 25 to 200 mm (1 to 8 in): 10 µS/cm or greater.
Sizes 1000 mm (40") and below: 20 µS/cm or greater Sizes 1100 mm (44") and above: 50 µS/cm or greater 
Sizes 15 to 100 mm (0.5" to 4"): 0.01 µS/cm or greater Sizes 150 & 200 mm (6" & 8"): 1 µS/cm or greater 
For an integral flowmeter: 12 W For a remote flowtube combined with an AXFA11 converter: 20 W For a remote flowtube combined with an AXFA14 converter: 12 W 
The standard accuracy for the output of an AXF is 0.35% of Rate/Reading. Yokogawa also offers a high grade accuracy calibration option which provides an accuracy of 0.2%.
Yokogawa diaphragm seal systems are available with an optional Flushing Ring.  A flushing ring is metal donut-shaped ring installed between the seal and the customer process connection. It is a wetted part. The ring has a port(s) that can be use...
Edition 2
Larger diameter diaphragms have lower spring rates compared to smaller diameter diaphragms. Consequently, they are more flexible. As fill fluids contract and expand with temperature gradients from the process and ambient conditions, the larger diamet...
Material Certificates If it is realized after shipment or delivery of the transmitter, that material traceability certificates are required; Yokogawa can provide them up to a year after shipment. There is a fee for this service. Yokogawa needs the ...
Edition 2
Warranty Yokogawa's pressure transmitters have a standard 36-month warranty (the first 12-month 'on-site' and next 24-month 'return to factory'). Warranty extensions are available to add additional 12-months, 24-months, or ...
Edition 2


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