Temperature Monitoring Using Multipoint Wireless Transmitter


Temperature monitoring using multipoint wireless transmitter


  • Wiring the hundreds of meters from the coal stack to the coal conveyor control room is very expensive.
  • The placement of thermocouples changes with differing amounts of coal, but there are limits to the range within which you can place the thermocouples.


Employ the ISA100.11a-compliant YTMX580 Multipoint Wireless Transmitter. The YTMX580 has 8 channels of universal input, which is perfect for multipoint measurement applications, and it can withstand harsh operating temperatures of -40 to 85 °C.

  • Multipoint temperature transmitter: YTMX580
    Connect multiple thermocouples (up to 8 inputs) for measuring temperature.
  • Temperature transmitter: YTA510
    For wireless relaying.
  • Wireless gateway: YFGW710
  • Data acquisition: MW100


  • Embedding thermocouples in the coal stack enables multipoint observations in the depths of the stack.
  • Wireless transmitters provide a high degree of freedom in the installation locations of the thermocouples, and eliminate the need for cables.
  • Wireless solution means no rewiring damaged cables.
  • Decreases wiring costs.

Solution Using the YTMX580 Multipoint Temperature Transmitter



Standalone MW100

For industrial DAQ applications, the MW100 offers scalability and can operate either standalone or integrated as a node within a larger automated system including SCADA or DCS.

YFGW710 Field Wireless Integrated Gateway

YFGW710 Field Wireless Integrated Gateway comply to the wireless communications standard ISA100.11a for industrial automation of International Society of Automation (ISA), and relays ISA100 Device data to the system via integrated backbone router. Single unit of YFGW710 has integrated functions of backbone router, system manager, security manage, and gateway.


高性能温度变送器YTA510接收热电偶、RTD、欧姆或DC mV输入信号。该变送器通过无线信号传输过程变量以及设定参数。该变送器采用内置电池,由于无需硬接线,因此可降低安装成本。通信规格以ISA100.11a协议为基础。


YTMX580最多可接收8点测量输入值,如热电偶(8种类型:K、E、J等)或RTD信号(3种类型:Pt100等),并将相应的测量输入值转换为无线信号。它也可以接收DC电压、电阻和4~20 mA DC信号输入。




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