Remote Operation and Monitoring - Key to CENTUM CS 1000 Success Miyota Co., Ltd.

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Miyota Co., Ltd., Japan
Remote Operation and Monitoring
- Key to CENTUM CS 1000 Success Miyota Co., Ltd.

Based in Japan's Nagano Prefecture, Miyota Co., Ltd. is a developer and manufacturer of precision-processed electronic components whose principal business lines are wristwatches, quartz crystal oscillators, and electronic video components such as LCD backlights and microdisplays. Founded as Miyota Precision Corporation in 1959, the company opened its Kitamaki plant in 1995 and is currently globalizing its production and sales operations, with a focus on China.

Miyota Selects the CENTUM CS 1000

Miyota was seeking a control system that could solve a number of major issues. First, the company had established a number of overseas production facilities and this created the need for regular data exchanges between the production sites and headquarters; however, email and faxes were proving insufficient for this purpose. In addition, expert operators and engineers from the Nagano headquarters were being called to the overseas sites on a regular basis, but it was difficult to meet every request because resources were limited. The company had considered using a PC + PLC as one possible solution, but found that the sophisticated analog control required for the production of their precision products was beyond the capabilities of this technology platform. For these reasons, Miyota selected the CENTUM CS 1000 control system.

CENTUM CS 1000 Benefits

A CENTUM CS 1000 HIS operator station is installed at each overseas facility and a PC is installed at company headquarters for operation, monitoring, and engineering. Using standard, off-the-shelf third party software, the connection between the overseas sites and headquarters is made over a public telephone line. Personnel at the headquarters use powerful trend view graphics tools, FTP, and chat functions to monitor and operate production systems, carry out engineering tasks, and collect real-time operational data at the overseas facilities. This has reduced the number of overseas trips that company experts have had to make, helping the company make a significant reduction in its travel expenses. An additional benefit of the CENTUM CS 1000 is that it has allowed experts to pool their resources and work together to resolve problems from the same location.

Customer Comments - Mr. Sumio Ooi, Leader of the Development Division, Miyota Co., Ltd.

"Since starting up the CENTUM CS 1000, we have been able to reduce labor costs by operating these plants automatically. In addition, it has been very easy to draw graphics and to configure analog controls. And since our people are already familiar with the Windows environment used on the HIS operator stations, they have found it easier to make the transition and become skillful operators of the CENTUM CS 1000."

operator station


System: CENTUM CS 1000
System Configuration: HIS x1, PFCS x2, MUD x3



自从1993年推出以来,CENTUM CS在许多领域的工厂中得到了广泛的应用,如: 石油冶炼、石化、化学、钢铁、有色金属、金属、水泥、造纸、食品和制药、能源、天然气和供水以及许多其他公共应用领域。




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