The CV8000 features a cell incubator with an improved airtight design that facilitates the observation of cell behavior over long periods of time. In addition, the CV8000 comes with CellPathfinder, a new program that can analyze images of unlabeled cells and 3D images of samples. With these features, the CV8000 improves the efficiency of drug discovery research and biomedical research on leading-edge subjects such as iPS and ES cells.



・Dual spinning disc confocal unit
・Live cell imaging and kinetic assays
・High-throughput screening
・Reliable and validated technology
・High contents analysis system

Over twenty years of experience

  • Yokogawa CSU confocal scanner unit has been selected by top scientists, and more than 2800 units*1 have been sold in the world.
  • High-speed and low-phototoxic imaging are achieved by microlens-enhanced Nipkow disk system.

25/50 μm pinhole disk exchanger※2.

  • Users can choose the pinhole disk matching to the purpose of the experiments.
  • Z-resolution in thick samples is improved by using 25 μm pinhole disk


*1  As of September 2017

*2  Option

 Time lapse/kinetic assays

  • Stage incubator enables live cell imaging over 3 days without supplying additional water※1
  • Disposable tip type liquid dispenser for kinetic assays※2
  • Hypoxia experiments and FRET

Stage incubator performance

Calcium response

Fast kinetic responses can be visualized by applying drugs during time lapse recordings.

Ionomycin was applied to A10 cells labeled with Fluo-4 during recording with 100ms intervals.

※1 Depends on conditions and samples.
※2 Optional

◆ High throughput

  • Wide-view sCMOS camera, up to 4 cameras
  • Approx. 1 minute to acquire 4-color images of 96 wells※1

◆ Water immersion objectives

  • 40x and 60x water immersion objectives provide brighter and higher resolution images.
  • Automated water supply

※1 1 field/well, 4-camea simultaneous recording

High content analysis system CellPathfinder   Click Here For More Info!

  • Preset analysis menus for a variety of applications
  • Flexible graph functions to display analysis results
  • Direct link between chart and object imageMachine learning

Machine learning

Software learns the features of the sampleobjects collected by users.

3D analysis


Label-free analysis
DPC※1 function is a powerful tool to analyze unstained bright field samples.

※1 Digital phase contrast

High-throughput Cytological Discovery System

Model CV8000
Sample format Multiple well plate (6, 12, 24, 48, 96, 384, 1536 wells), glass slide
Image mode Confocal mode
max. 4 color simultaneous recording,
Brightfield mode, Phase-contrast
(10x, 20x for 6, 12, 24 well plates)
digital phase contrast (10x 20x)
Output data format Image data: 16bit TIFF, PNG
Numerical data: CSV, Original format
Excitation wavelength 405/445/488/561/640nm, all solid laser, max. 5 lasers
White light illumination LED
Autofocus Laser-based mode, Image-based mode
Objective lens Max. 6 lenses are available : Automatically switchable
Dry: 2x, 4x, 10x, 20x, 40x
Water immersion: 40x, 60x
Long working distance: 20x
Phase-contrast: 10x, 20x
Confocal unit Microlens-enhanced wide-view dual Nipkow disk confocal scanner, 50 μm pinhole
【Option】 25/50 μm pinhole disk exchanger
Camera sCMOS (effective pixels: 2000X2000 pixel size: 6.5 μm), max. 4 cameras
Stage incubator Temperature: 35-40℃ CO2 supply box (CO2: 5%, forced humidification)
Dispenser 【Option】Disposable tip type
(For 96 tip , 384 tip type)
Bar-code reader 【Option】1 or 2 dimension
Workstation Dual-monitor workstation for system control
Dual-monitor workstation for data analysis
Analysis software
Granularity, Neurite, Nuclear morphology, Nuclear translocation, Plasma membrane translocation, Machine learning, Label-free analysis, 3D analysis, Texture analysis, etc.
Operating environment 15-30ºC, 20-70%RH (No condensation)
Power supply Measurement unit: Single-phase 200VAC, 2KVAmax
Workstation for system control : 100VAC, 1.3KVAmax, Workstation for data analysis: 100VAC, 690VAmax
External dimension Measurement unit: 1280W×895D×1450H mm
Weight Measurement unit: 510Kg

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