Yokogawa Meters & Instruments Releases DL850E ScopeCorder and DL850EV ScopeCorder Vehicle Edition

Tokyo, Japan - November 5, 2013

Yokogawa Meters & Instruments Corporation announces that it will release the DL850E ScopeCorder and DL850EV ScopeCorder Vehicle Edition on November 6. Featuring real-time power calculation functionality and tighter integration with PCs, these models meet the latest development and testing needs of our customers in the mechatronics and electronics fields.

left:DL850E ScopeCorder right:DL850EV ScopeCorder Vehicle Edition
left:DL850E ScopeCorder
right:DL850EV ScopeCorder Vehicle Edition

Development Background

With the growing awareness of the need to save energy and protect the environment, there is a push to make electric and electronic devices, home appliances, and vehicles more energy efficient. To reduce energy consumption, it is particularly important to produce more efficient inverters and motors, which requires the measurement and evaluation of many different items during the development phase. As this often necessitates the combined use of power meters, recorders, and other measuring instruments, evaluation and analysis are growing more complex.

To meet these market requirements, Yokogawa has developed the DL850E and DL850EV ScopeCorders. These are upgrades of the DL850 and DL850V models that were released in 2010. The new models are capable of performing power calculations in real time and recording data for long periods, the latter of which is particularly useful in failure analysis.

Product Features

  1. Real-time power calculation
    In addition to displaying the waveforms of analog and digital signals, the DL850E and DL850EV can display trend waveforms for up to 126 power parameters and track power fluctuations in real time. Plug-in modules are also available that enable the DL850E and DL850EV to simultaneously observe power parameters, temperature, strain, frequency, and so forth, thereby satisfying a wide variety of measurement needs.
  2. Long-term storage of large amounts of acquired data
    Both the DL850E and DL850EV have the real-time capability to transmit a steady stream of measurement data to a PC for long-term storage on a hard disk, and users can check this data at any time. This facilitates product durability testing, production line and power system monitoring, and failure analysis.
  3. Synchronous measurement through use of GPS
    Through the use of the global positioning system (GPS) and its highly precise atomic clocks, these recorders can synchronize their measurements. They are thus able to perform continuous, synchronized measurements at multiple points in a large power distribution system, making them ideal for field tests of smart grids and other technologies.

Major Target Markets and Applications

  • Mechatronic and electronic related product development and testing involving motors, inverters, home appliances, automobiles, automobile components, railroad equipment, industrial equipment, and electronic components
  • Electric power and voltage monitoring, maintenance, and inspection by electric power companies
  • Research and development of new energy sources

About ScopeCorder

The major feature of the ScopeCorder is its ability to observe physical signal outputs over extended periods of time, and it is particularly useful in mechatronics related development activities, where a great emphasis is placed on noise-proof performance. The ScopeCorder is both an oscilloscope that can capture rapid events and a data recorder that can record trends with high resolution and over extended periods of time.

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