Reduced Bore

Yokogawa’s Reduced Bore Vortex Flow Meter is the ideal solution for measuring low flow. By utilizing built-in concentric reducers, the meter ID can be reduced by either one or two meter sizes. This feature allows you to install a line size meter and measure low flows, reducing installation costs and expanding the range of applications.

In low flow vortex meter applications, it is common to use a smaller meter compared to the line size. This requires the installation of concentric reducers along with the correct amount of upstream and downstream meter run to ensure a proper flow profile into the meter.

The Reduced Bore Vortex Flow Meter was designed to capture these low flow conditions without the need to install concentric reducers. In addition, it offers minimum measurable flow up to five times lower than conventional vortex flow meters, resulting in lower installation costs.



Reduce meter two sizes

By utilizing built-in concentric reducers, we can reduce the meter ID by either one or two meter sizes. This yields increased space for installation of additional instrumentation by eliminating extra meter run piping.


Reduced Bore Type R2 Reduced Bore Type R1
DY050/R2 (Detector size: 25mm)
Measurable range: 22 to 475 kg/hr
DY050/R2 (Detector size: 40mm)
Measurable range: 44 to 1132 kg/hr  
Suitable for Low Flow Rate Suitable for Low Flow Rate and Wide Range





Same face-to-face dimension as classic vortex meter

This allows you to change the meter size if process conditions change without the additional cost of changing the pipe, eliminating potential leak points.

Reduced installation cost

The reduced bore vortex flow meter allows you to measure lower flow rates without the added cost of installing the appropriate meter run.

Enhanced Safety

The integrated construction reduces the potential for leak points, providing enhanced safety.

Low Flow Conditions

Yokogawa’s digitalYEWFLO Reduced Bore Type Vortex Flow Meter features a built-in concentric reducer and expander that enables stable flow rate measurements in low flow conditions. This expands the range of measurements that can be performed, from the higher flow rates down to the lower end of the flow span, and ensures stable and accurate flow rate output, which is normally difficult for vortex flow meters.

Reduced Bore Vortex Flow Meter


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