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In the mid 1970s, Yokogawa entered the power business with the release of the EBS Electric Control System. Since then, Yokogawa has steadfastly continued with the development of our technologies and capabilities for providing the best services and solutions to our customers worldwide.

Yokogawa has operated the global power solutions network to play a more active role in the dynamic global power market. This has allowed closer teamwork within Yokogawa, bringing together our global resources and industry know-how. Yokogawa's power industry experts work together to bring each customer the solution that best suits their sophisticated requirements.

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Thermal power using coal, oil or gas as fuel accounts for the majority of electric generation throughout the world.

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Combined Cycle

The combined cycle power plant is being installed in increasing numbers around the world where there are substantial supplies of natural gas.

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Cogeneration or combined heat and power (CHP) is an efficient approach to generating power and thermal energy from a single fuel source.

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Renewable Energy

The use of renewable energy protects the environment and takes both society and industry closer to the goal of achieving sustainability. However, compared to conventional energy sources, there are certain challenges that stand in the way of its rapid adoption, such as higher production costs and greater instability in the supply of power to the grid. As a leading company in the control and instrumentation business, Yokogawa has always striven to help its customers in various industries achieve stable operations and improve productivity in their plants. Based on our VigilantPlant concept for attaining operational excellence, we are providing solutions that pave the way to the use of renewable energy sources.

Geothermal Power     Biomass Power     Waste to Energy     Solar Power     Wind Power     Hydro Power     Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion     

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Thanks to their high reliability and availability, Yokogawa products and services are used in nuclear facilities all over the world.

January 16, 2017 Yokogawa Wins Control Systems Order for UAE Power and Desalination Station
July 29, 2016 Yokogawa Wins Control Systems Order for Tanzania’s First Combined-cycle Power Plant
February 18, 2016 Yokogawa to Supply Turbine Control Systems for Mongolia's Largest Thermal Power Plant
February 12, 2016 Yokogawa to Receive Control Systems Orders for 12 Combined Cycle Power Plants in Thailand
January 15, 2016 Yokogawa Wins Control System Orders for Large Thermal Power and Desalination Plants in Qatar
December 9, 2015 Yokogawa Delivers Control system for Europe's First Hybrid-flywheel Energy Storage Plant
September 8,2015 Yokogawa Wins Control System Order for Brazil's Largest Biomass Power Plant
March 2, 2015 Yokogawa Wins DCS Orders for Two Large Combined Cycle Power Plants in Saudi Arabia
January 7, 2015 Yokogawa Wins Control Systems Order for Thai Binh Coal-fired Thermal Power Plant in Vietnam
October 17, 2014 Yokogawa Wins Control System Order for Rabigh 2 Combined Cycle Power Plant in Saudi Arabia
October 7, 2014 Yokogawa Wins Control System Order for a Waste-to-Energy Facility in Cornwall, U.K.
August 6, 2014 Yokogawa Wins Control System Order for Kamojang Geothermal Power Station in Indonesia
June 16, 2014 Yokogawa Wins Control System Order for Lara Supercritical Coal-fired Thermal Power Plant in India
May 13, 2014 Yokogawa Wins Order for Saudi Arabia’s First Supercritical Thermal Power Plant
February 13, 2014 Yokogawa Wins Order to Provide Control System for Uruguay's First Combined Cycle Power Plant
October 30, 2013 Yokogawa Wins Control System Order for Supercritical Thermal Power Plant in India
October 10, 2013 Yokogawa Wins Control System Order for Lahendong Geothermal Power Plant in Indonesia
June 20, 2013 CENTUM® VP Certified by TÜV NORD for Compliance with VGB R170 C Guideline
April 18, 2013 Yokogawa Wins Control System Contract for Yeosu Power Plant in Korea
March 22, 2013 Yokogawa Wins Control System Orders for Large Combined Cycle Power Plants in Egypt
January 31, 2013 Yokogawa Receives Control System Order for Large Combined Cycle Power Plant in Saudi Arabia
January 18, 2013 Yokogawa Wins Control System Order for Large Combined Cycle Power Plant in Korea
January 17, 2013 Yokogawa Wins Control System Order for Maibarara Geothermal Power Project in the Philippines



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Turbomachinery Control Solutions

The input and output (IO) modules for turbomachinery control applications provide powerful features for the high-speed control and protection of turbomachinery.
They have a highly reliable dual redundant configuration and an intermixed signal interface for handling both analog and digital data.

The IO modules come in two types, providing a comprehensive control solution for the power generation industry.
The Servo Module is designed to control turbine speed by interfacing with specific sensors and actuators to manipulate steam and fuel control valves.
The High Speed Protection Module is designed to protect the turbine from overspeed and other critical conditions by shutting steam and fuel valves.


  • Servo module for turbomachinery speed control
  • Protection module for turbomachinery protection
  • High-speed control at 5 or 10 msec intervals
  • Programmable protection logic
  • Dual redundant configuration
  • Analog-digital intermixed signal interface

Typical Control Algorithms:

  • Turbine startup & shutdown sequences
  • Inlet/Extraction value ratio control
  • Inlet pressure control & limiter
  • Extraction pressure control
  • Generator local control
  • Turbine protection - Burner management control
  • Boiler control
  • Balance of plant (BOP) control

Distributed Control System (DCS) 

CENTUM VP, an advanced DCS meets the requirements of thermal, combustion turbine and renewable power plants. CENTUM VP is in use in many power plant operations and has proven its expandability, stability, performance and reliability.

Power Plant Simulators

High fidelity, full-replica training simulators
With Yokogawa, you can leverage a full-scale high-fidelity power plant simulator (>99% steady state; 95% dynamic state) that allows custom-made training for your unique plant.
Yokogawa simulators serve a diverse range of customers worldwide operating fossil fired, gas turbine, and co-generation power plants.


  • Flexible training
    We deliver full replica simulator systems that cover the entire power plant, no matter whose control system your plant deploys. Flexible training scenarios can help operators handle the entire plant control with full confidence and agility.
  • Reduced time in commissioning
    Conducting control loop testing and tuning on the simulator keeps risk to a minimum and ensures a smooth plant commissioning process.
  • Plant operation optimization
    The simulator's ability to reproduce plant behavior can be utilized to identify modifications to operating procedures and to optimize plant operation.
  • High fidelity
    Yokogawa power plant simulation system brings you stunning 99 % accuracy (>99% steady state; >95% dynamic state).


Customer's Voice
“We cannot imagine operating our plant without Yokogawa’s full-replica simulator.”

Nguyen Khac Son, CEO of Pha Lai Thermo Power Joint Stock Company, a subsidiary of the biggest power producer in Vietnam, Electric of Vietnam (EVN), said, “Through simulator training, our probationary and new operators can quickly learn how to operate our 300-megawatt coal-fired unit using exactly the same operator interface as the real system. Even experienced operators can effectively learn how to deal with every conceivable accident because it’s so realistic. We cannot imagine running our plant without Yokogawa’s full-replica simulator. It is essential not only for our plant but also for operators at EVN’s other plants. In addition, many power plant operators of PVN† come here for simulator training to learn how to operate a coal-fired power plant with Yokogawa DCS. So, our simulator is used to train most operators of the biggest and second biggest power producers in Vietnam.”

*Vietnam National Petroleum Group, also known as Petro Vietnam. PVN is the biggest economic group in Vietnam and owns power plants.

Power Plant Services

Our commitment does not end with the completion of your strategic projects. Based on our overall consideration of your plant lifecycle, Yokogawa provides consistent and reliable services.
Best of all, Yokogawa power services (TechComm), a wholly owned Yokogawa subsidiary has the capability to provide an extensive range of services in the areas of operator training, commissioning, plant operations, and maintenance.


Our Global Approach

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BBE & BBG Plants - Combined Cycle Power Plant with Regasification Facility Realizes Stable Power Supply / BBE and BBG Plants, Spain

The Bahia de Bizkaia Plant is one of the most significant power projects to be carried out in this region. The project has been led and financed by Ente Vasco de la Energia, Repsol-YPF, British Petroleum, and Iberdrole S.A., with the total investment coming to approximately 600 million euros.

Industries: Thermal

463 KB

PTT Utility Company Limited CPU2 - Monitoring of Heat Balance and Performance Calculation with CENTUM CS 3000

  • Monitoring of heat balance and performance calculation with CENTUM CS 3000
  • A single operator on each shift can monitor the entire plant from the CS 3000 graphic user interface
Industries: Combined Cycle

427 KB

Granite Power - Solar Supercritical Organic Rankine Cycle Pilot Plant for Power and Industrial Heat

Granite Power is a geothermal company that has developed GRANEX®, a patented direct supercritical fluid heat transfer technology for the efficient, eco- nomic, and zero carbon emission generation of electricity from low grade geothermal sources using the Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC).

253 KB

NEP Solar - Integrated FAST/TOOLS, HXS10, and STARDOM Solution for First-of-its-kind Solar Thermal Tri-generation System

  • The NEP Solar team developed the control strategy and the Yokogawa engineers programmed the controller accordingly. 
  • The FAST/TOOLS software could be installed on the notebook PCs used by the development team, eliminating the need for costly dedicated servers.
Industries: Renewable Energy

374 KB

District Cooling System and Power Plant Co. - CENTUM CS 3000 Ensures Stable Supply of Electricity and Steam to Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi Airport

  • All correct operation procedures are carefully configured in the CENTUM CS 3000 and smoothly in operation
  • CENTUM CS 3000 ensures stable supply of electricity and steam to Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi airport
Industries: Cogeneration

317 KB

Japan Wind Development Co., Ltd. - STARDOM and FA-M3 Ensure Smooth Supply of Power to Grid by Wind Farm Equipped with Large-capacity NAS Batteries

  • The STARDOM network-based control system and FA-M3 range-free controllers play an important role in smoothing out the supply of this power to the grid
  • STARDOM and FA-M3 ensure smooth supply of power to grid by wind farm equipped with large-capacity NAS batteries
Industries: Renewable Energy

704 KB

A.T. Biopower Co., Ltd. - Thai SPP Uses CENTUM CS 3000 to Improve Efficiency of Biomass Power Plant

  • Thai SPP uses CENTUM CS 3000 to improve efficiency of Biomass Power Plant
  • The burning of the ground rice husks in the boiler's furnace chamber is a complex process that must be carefully controlled
Industries: Renewable Energy

345 KB

NEP SOLAR Pty Ltd - Yokogawa's HXS10 Solar Controller Optimizes Conversion Efficiency at Australian Solar Cooling Plant

  • Yokogawa's HXS10 solar controller optimizes conversion efficiency at Australian solar cooling plant
  • Accurate sun tracking and visualization of all process data
Industries: Renewable Energy

354 KB

Australian National University - Australian National University's "Big Dish" Controlled by Yokogawa PLC and FAST/TOOLS SCADA

  • Australian National University's "Big Dish" controlled by Yokogawa PLC and FAST/TOOLS SCADA
  • FAST/TOOLS benefits us in many ways and allows us to clearly see the entire process, giving us the information we need to take immediate action
Industries: Renewable Energy

796 KB

EGCO Cogeneration Co., Ltd. - Fully Automated Power Plant Supplies Steady Flow of Electricity to National Grid

  • Fully automated power plant supplies steady flow of electricity to national grid
  • The CENTUM CS 3000 plays a core role by controlling and enabling the monitoring of all processes at the EGCO Cogen plant
Industries: Combined Cycle

437 KB

Electric of Vietnam (EVN) TPC Pha Lai Power - Yokogawa CENTUM CS 3000 Ensures a Stable Supply of Power to Vietnam's National Grid

  • Steady power supply and safe operation thanks to reliable Yokogawa CENTUM CS 3000 and transmitters
  • Environmentally optimized operation by fine-tuned boiler combustion control and strict monitoring and control of CO, NOx and SOx in flue gas and pH of water from cooling towers
  • Full replica plant simulator for effective plant operation and engineering staff training
  • Annual maintenance contract
Industries: Thermal

158 KB

PetroChina Dushanzi Utility - Yokogawa's CENTUM CS 3000 and PRM in Utility Plant of Dushanzi Refinery & Petrochemical Complex

  • Steady boiler control by CENTUM CS 3000 with dual redundant CPUs and seven 9s availability
  • Total plant information integrated into supervisory information system via OPC interface
  • Reduced water, coal and other resource consumption
Industries: Cogeneration

1.9 MB

Samutprakarn Cogeneration - Replacement of Legacy System with CENTUM CS 3000 Ensures Steady Supply of Electricity to Thai National Grid

  • Power supply made dramatically reliable thanks to CENTUM CS 3000 with seven-nines availability
  • Visualization of almost all plant data on the same HMI by linking up subsystems via Modbus
  • Improved plant performance
Industries: Cogeneration

1.6 MB

Energy Brix Australia Corporation - Yokogawa Australia undertakes extensive replacement and upgrade of power plant control and monitoring systems

  • 2009 PACE Zenith joint winner project
  • Reduced operating and maintenance costs
  • Increased power generation
  • Improved plant operating flexibility
  • Modernized, screen-based operations
  • Reduced emissions
Industries: Thermal

660 KB

SC Electrocentrale Bucuresti SA - CENTUM CS 3000 R3/UOI Improves Reliability and Efficiency by Integrating Systems Controls at Bucuresti Vest Power Plant

  • Unified operator interface thanks to CENTUM CS 3000/UOI
  • Automated plant startup and shutdown using new block sequences
  • Advanced alarm management using consolidated alarm management software
Industries: Combined Cycle

609 KB

The 4th Thermal Power Plant - Modernization of Large Thermal Power Plant Maintains a Key Lifeline for the People of Mongolia

  • Modernized controls, assured stable power supply to Ulaanbaatar by a highly reliable, expandable distributed control system
  • Fully automated boiler, burner, balance-of-plant operations
  • Power plant simulator for efficient DCS operator training
Industries: Thermal

104 KB

Liddell Power Station - Liddell Power Station Revamped Successfully Macquarie Generation

At the age of approximately 30 years the plant underwent $A 72 million technology upgrade in 2001, to improve operating reliability and performance. Macquarie Generation, Yokogawa Australia and Ralph M Lee concluded an alliance agreement to supply and install the replacement control system at Liddell.

Industries: Thermal

974 KB

Itoigawa Power Plant - Flexible Control Solution for IPP Generation Facility with CFB Boiler / Itoigawa Power Inc., Japan

The Itoigawa Power Plant was constructed adjacent to a cement plant in Itoigawa City, Niigata Prefecture, and is operated by an IPP that supplies electricity to Tohoku Electric Power, one of Japan's major power companies. The use of a 149 MW coal-fired CFB boiler in this power plant is a first for an IPP in Japan, and this effectively reduces NOx emissions.

Industries: Thermal

62 KB

Tuas Power Station (Stage One) - Safe and Efficient Power Plant Operation / Tuas 1 Power Plant

The construction of Tuas Power Station started in the mid 1990s. The plant has steadily grown to be a significant player in the competitive Singaporean electricity market. Stage One of Tuas Power Station is equipped with the country's largest steam generators which are capable of producing 600 MW each.

Industries: Thermal

182 KB

Complexul Energetic Oltenia S.A. - Yokogawa's Integrated Solutions Control FGD Processes at Romania's Largest Power Plant

  • Yokogawa's integrated solutions control FGD processes at Romania's largest power plant
  • SO2 and dust emissions are controlled within the EU environmental standards
Industries: Thermal

755 KB

James River Power Plant - James River Power Plant Replaces Legacy Control System

  • Replacement of legacy control system by CENTUM CS 3000
  • Replacement of 4 – 20 mA protocol to FOUNDATION fieldbus™
Industries: Thermal

184 KB

Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA) - Toronto Airport Cogen Plant Focuses on Reliability

  • Monitoring and control of the entire cogeneration plant including the two once-through steam generators
  • Reliable and cost-effective power supply
  • Operator-friendly HMI
Industries: Cogeneration

220 KB

Kraftszer Kft. - A Customized STARDOM & FAST/TOOLS Plant Management Solution

  • Easy set point definition for all plant power generation operations
  • Stable electric power generation
  • Power plant optimization
  • Control of electric power generation based on net performance
Industries: Combined Cycle

1.3 MB

Tachibanawan Thermal Power Station - Control Solutions for Environmental Control Facilities

Since entering commercial operation in 2000, the environmental control facilities at the Tachibanawan Thermal Power Station have been managed effectively by the CENTUM control system, achieving a stable electricity supply with minimal impact on the environment.

Industries: Thermal

97 KB

Yonghung Thermal Power Plant (Unit 1 & 2) - 800 MW Supercritical Coal-fired Power Plant Achieves Smooth and Rapid Plant Commissioning Using a Full-replica Plant Simulator/Korea South East Power Co., Ltd.

The customer has successfully brought online a greenfield 800 MW supercritical power plant, using a Yokogawa full-replica plant simulator to ensure a fast and smooth plant commissioning process.

Industries: Thermal

192 KB

Eraring Power Station - Highly Integrated Control and Monitoring Systems Solution for Australia's Largest Power Station

Eraring Power Station, located just north of Sydney, is one of the largest power stations in Australia, comprising four 660MW coal-fired units. The power station has operated reliably since 1981. To ensure continued reliability for the next few decades, Eraring Energy, the owner of the power plant, decided to replace the original hard-wired control equipment with a modern integrated control and monitoring system (ICMS).

Industries: Thermal

636 KB

ENECO Energie - STARDOM and FAST/TOOLS Integrated SCADA Solution for Heat and CO2 Custody Transfer System

  • Reduced cabling costs by using a commodity GPRS network infrastructure
  • Additional reduction in system cost by making full use of existing components
  • Reduction in cost of software by using all web-based technology
  • Long-term service contract — no need to worry about a suspension of maintenance services
Industries: Cogeneration

267 KB

TIRU SA - CENTUM CS 3000 Replaces Legacy System at Paris's Largest Waste to Energy Plant

  • CENTUM CS 3000 replaces legacy system at Paris's largest waste to energy plant
  • Exaquantum is used to calculate plant performance and generate the reports needed to optimize operations and demonstrate regulatory compliance
Industries: Renewable Energy

575 KB

American Electric Power (AEP) - Yokogawa TDLS Helps AEP Coal-fired Power Plant Comply with Strict US Environmental Regulations

"Installing the Yokogawa TDL improved our capability to optimize urea injection for the SNCR. The monitors provided more reliability and accuracy, in a harsh environment, than the previous monitors."

Industries: Thermal

373 KB

Aboitiz Power Renewables Inc. - Reliable Data Acquisition with FA-M3V Ensures Safe and Steady Operations at Geothermal Power Plant

Aboitiz Power Corporation is a holding company that was set up by the Aboitiz Group to oversee its investments in power generation, distribution, retail, and services. The company owns and operates several hydroelectric and geothermal power plants as well as a number of non-renewable power facilities throughout the Philippines. It also owns distribution utilities that are centered in high-growth areas in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

Industries: Renewable Energy

97 KB

Mori Building Co., Ltd. - Exaquantum Achieves Energy Savings in Building Management System / Mori Building, Japan

Mori Building is one of the leading property developers in Japan, with consolidated annual sales of US$1.4 billion in 2004. Mori Building owns 127 buildings and many of them are located in the center of Tokyo. The Roppongi Hills Mori Tower (Mori Tower) is a well known ultramodern skyscraper that was built in 2003. 

421 KB

Okinawa Prefecture Deep Sea Water Research Center - Yokogawa's CENTUM VP Utilized at World's Only Fully Operational Ocean Thermal Power Generation Facility

Okinawa Prefecture is promoting clean energy with the aim of becoming a low-carbon society in the 21st century. Ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC) technology is particularly well suited for this purpose, and is expected to both reduce the environmental impact that power generation has in the prefecture and lessen the prefecture's dependence on imported fossil fuels.

Industries: Renewable Energy

293 KB

Lakeside EFW Ltd. - Modern Waste to Energy Facility in UK Uses CENTUM CS 3000 and ProSafe-RS

  • Modern waste to energy facility in UK uses CENTUM CS 3000 and ProSafe-RS
  • Lakeside exports at least 34MW per hour to the country's national grid
Industries: Renewable Energy

331 KB

HERAmbiente - Italian Waste to Energy Plant Turns to CENTUM CS 3000, PRM, and FOUNDATION™ fieldbus Solution

  • Italian waste to energy plant turns to CENTUM, PRM and FOUNDATION fieldbus solution
  • Nearly 1500 FOUNDATION fieldbus devices are monitored and managed using the PRM
Industries: Renewable Energy

631 KB

Miyazaki Biomass Recycle - Yokogawa's CENTUM CS 3000 DCS Monitors and Controls Operations at Poultry Litter-to-energy Plant

  • Yokogawa's CENTUM CS 3000 DCS Monitors and Controls Operations at Poultry Litter-to-energy Plant
  • The boiler and turbine startup procedures reduces operator workload and helps to ensure a smooth and safe startup
Industries: Renewable Energy

183 KB

Saignelégier Cheese Factory - Process Heat for Saignelegier Cheese Factory

  • FAST/TOOLS SCADA system to remotely monitor the optimization of the process and make any required engineering changes to the live system.
  • The Yokogawa control system (FAST/TOOLS, STARDOM, HXS10) monitors not only the sunlight but also the weather conditions.
Industries: Renewable Energy

559 KB

PT PLN - Ensuring Safe and Reliable Operations at PT PLN Lahendong III and IV Geothermal Power Plants

  • Operator intervention during the automated plant and turbine startup and shutdown processes is minimized
  • Greatly reduces operator work load and errors, and mitigate thermal and physical stress on the turbine
Industries: Renewable Energy

308 KB

HERA, Imola, Italy - Combined Cycle Power Plant Fully Automated Using PCS, PIMS, PRM, and FOUNDATION™ fieldbus Instruments

  • The visualization of data using the Exaquantum PIMS plays an important role in efforts to improve operations at this power station. 
  • To reduce operator workload and eliminate unplanned shutdowns, HERA decided on the use of field digital technology at this power station.


Industries: Combined Cycle

243 KB

TIRME, Mallorca, Spain - Mallorca Waste to Energy Plant Relies on Yokogawa Integrated Control System

  • A robust and reliable integrated control and safety system (ICSS) made up of the CENTUM CS3000 PCS and the ProSafe-RS SIS ensures safe operations while fully automating key processes. 
  • A variety of analytical instruments accurately measure the concentrations of key components, and this data can be monitored and controlled by the Yokogawa PCS.
Industries: Renewable Energy

212 KB

Enel GEM - Seamless Integration of Multivendor Control Systems with Field Digital Technology Improves Power Plant Efficiency

  • CENTUM CS3000 seamlessly integrates with multivendor control systems through OPC interface. 
  • Challenging predictive maintenance to monitor many transmitter data through PRM.
Industries: Combined Cycle

57 KB

AGL Hallett Power Station - Unified Operator Interface Solution Enables Remote Operation / AGL Hallet Power Station, Australia

The CENTUM CS 3000 / UOI was selected for this project. The control platform in the UOI is the GE Fanuc CIMPLICITY Human Machine Interface (HMI) system, which fully integrates the controls for the turbine and BOP auxiliaries and uses the same screens/formats at both the turbine and BOP HMI displays. The CIMPLICITY HMI used in the UOI is a SCADA based design that fully supports the customer's requirement for remote operation capability.

Industries: Thermal

332 KB

Marseille Province Metropole - Innovative GEOLIDE Wastewater Treatment Complex in Marseille Uses CENTUM and Exaquantum

  • Innovative GEOLIDE waste water treatment complex in Marseille uses CENTUM and Exaquantum. 
  • The visualization of all data on items such as motor and pump operating time and chemical consumption amount allows operators to optimize key operation items.
Industries: Renewable Energy

280 KB

AGL Energy Limited (AGL) - AGL Loy Yang Replacement Integrated Control and Monitoring System Including Turbine Control & Protection System and Training Simulators

  • Yokogawa supplied an integrated boiler and turbine control, monitoring and protection system for each of the four generating units in a coal-fired power plant in Australia.
  • Yokogawa also delivered two high fidelity operator training simulators for this plant.
Industries: Thermal

181 KB

Jaiprakash Power Ventures Limited - Comprehensive Solution for Safe and Efficient Operation of Supercritical Coal-fired Power Plant

  • Yokogawa’s CENTUM VP and full-replica simulator contribute to the stable operation of this supercritical coal-fired plant.
  • The two units have been operating successfully since start-up.
Industries: Thermal

923 KB

TGC-1 - Yokogawa DCS controls TGC-1’s major hydro power plant

  • Yokogawa supplied control, monitoring, and protection systems for plant modernization.
  • Fine engineering and Yokogawa's products made successful operation without any problem or shutdown.

Sea Water Surface Temperature Monitoring

  • Wireless temperature measurement gateway x1, transmitter (YTA) x1: on a buoy
  • High quality wireless communication was confirmed.
    Note: as the PER may increase due to antenna direction changes on the buoy, a repeater on the buoy is recommended
Industries: Thermal

Equipment Maintenance in a Power Plant

Measures temperature and vibration of the turbine for rapid identification of abnormalities.

Industries: Thermal

634 KB

Heat and CO2 Transfer System

Yokogawa ensures a reliable heat and CO2 transfer system by using the standard GPRS protocol. The exclusive use of webbased technology enables the market gardeners to go online to order heat and CO2 and view information.

Industries: Thermal

265 KB

Continuous Dust Monitoring of Exhaust Gases for Efficient ESP Operation

Exhaust gases from a pulverized coal-fired boiler contain a large quantity of dust. To prevent this from being released into the atmosphere, an electrostatic precipitator (ESP) is used to remove the dust. To maintain the collection efficiency of an ESP and prevent dust emissions, abnormalities must be detected immediately. 

Industries: Thermal

912 KB

Integration of Real-time Utility Monitoring with a DCS

The discharge of improperly treated industrial chemicals and fuel gas can have a major impact on the environment, posing a serious threat to public health. Concurrent with the global growth of manufacturing operations to keep pace with market trends, many countries are taking measures to deal with environmental problems.

Industries: Thermal

153 KB

Sulfur Dioxide Scrubber: pH Control

Power plant boiler houses designed to burn coal or high sulfur oil are required by Federal and State pollution regulations to "scrub" (remove) sulfur dioxide from flue gasses to meet emission limits. SO2 in flue gasses is known to be harmful to the environment, as it is one contributor to the formation of acid rain. pH control is critical for the proper functioning of the scrubber system.

332 KB

Measurement of Oxygen Concentration in Package Boiler Flue Gases

A package boiler operates more efficiently if the oxygen concentration in the flue gas is reduced. Optimizing air intake for boiler operation requires continuous measurement of the oxygen concentration in the flue gas.

Industries: Thermal

160 KB

pH Measurement in Flue Gas Desulfurization Systems That Use Magnesium Hydroxide Slurry

In flue gas desulfurization systems that use magnesium hydroxide (Mg(OH)2) slurry, the consumption of the desulfurization agent (Mg(OH)2) is controlled by using online pH analyzers. A great concern in the pH measurement is heavy staining of the pH electrodes by the Mg(OH)2 slurry. To ensure accurate measurement, frequent cleaning of the electrodes with an acid is required, adding to both maintenance workload and cost.

Industry:Chemical, Power

Industries: Thermal

369 KB

Flue Gas Desulfurization

Recently, air pollution legislations such as the Clean Air Act to reduce the amount of air pollution are increasing worldwide. The Clean Air Act address numerous air quality problems. One of these problems is acid rain caused by sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions from fossil-fueled power plants and other industrial and transportation sources.

Industries: Thermal

236 KB

Low Flow Cut-off

One of the most common applications for differential pressure transmitters is flow measurement. DPharp differential pressure transmitters have some unique signal conditioning features to eliminate instability at low flow rates.

Industries: Thermal

870 KB

Measurement in Cogeneration and Captive Power Boiler

Steam is still one of the most popular methods of providing an energy source to a process and its associated operations. The more accurate and reliable measurements that are made, the more informed decisions can be taken that affect costs and product quality.

Industries: Thermal

670 KB

SCADA-RTU Communications Using GPRS

To make the most of the advantages of GPRS, Yokogawa's STARDOM FCN/FCJ intelligent RTUs and FAST/TOOLS SCADA package have several functions that reduce the number of packets that must be sent. This dramatically lowers communication fees.

250 KB


Level transmitter configuration can be very time consuming. DPharp transmitters with advanced software functionality eliminate this time consuming task. With maintenance shops getting smaller, finding equipment that allows us to do more with less becomes a priority.

Industries: Thermal

Monitoring Plant Energy

Yokogawa Power Monitors measure energy in plants, such as power, current, voltage, power factor, etc. In addition, data acquisition for power, vapor, fuel, water, air, etc, and data monitoring using viewer software, are performed by connecting to the MW100 data acquisition unit.

Industries: Thermal

Application for High Withstand Voltage

The MX100/MW100 is best suited for applications where the voltage of each cell in fuel cells, secondary batteries and electrolyzers is measured.

Industries: Thermal

Example of Power Monitoring Using the MW100

The MW100 allows logging via communication of devices that support MODBUS servers. With no analog module required, costs can be reduced, and errors during A/D conversion are eliminated.

Industries: Thermal

Remote Operation: Web Monitor, FTP, and E-mail Notification

The MW100 Data Acquisition Unit comes with many networking functions, including a diverse range of functions for remote monitoring.

Industries: Thermal

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Boiler Control Solution: Instruments and Solution for Automatic Boiler Control PDF

Best Solution for Automatic Boiler Control
Sensors and controllers for the efficiency and environmental performance

Industries: Thermal

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Measurement of O2 Concentration in Exhaust Gases from Pulverized Coal-fired Boilers

In a pulverized coal-fired boiler of a large power plant, an oxygen analyzer is essential for combustion control. A pulverized coal-fired boiler is an industrial or utility boiler that generates thermal energy by burning pulverized coal (also known as powdered coal or coal dust).

Industries: Thermal

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Optimizing Combustion Control with the TDLS200

Industrial Combustion sources such as thermal cracking furnaces and, process heaters play a critical role in the process industry. Because the large amount of fuel such as gas or fuel oil which is consumed in these processes, their combustion efficiency directly affects the performance and operational costs of the production facilities.

Industries: Thermal

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Measurement of NH3 Concentrations in Stack Flue Gas Using TDLS200

The ammonia (NH3) gas is injected to remove the NOx and thus reduce the NOx concentration in the stack flue gas. With conventional NH3 analyzers that perform measurements indirectly, NH3 concentrations are obtained through a sampling system. Therefore, there are problems with the maintenance and running costs of the sampling system, and time delays in measurement. The TDLS200 Laser Analyzer is the solution to all these problems.

Industries: Thermal

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Fully Integrated Modbus Communication Functions on STARDOM PLC/RTU

STARDOM field control node (FCN) autonomous controllers allow both Modbus master and slave functions to run simultaneously.

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Precise Measurement of NOx Concentration of Gas Engine Exhaust to Reduce Cost of Operating NOx Removal Equipment

Cogeneration systems that improve overall energy utilization by simultaneously generating electricity and heat from a single fuel source have been in the news a lot recently. Distributed generation equipment, a type of cogeneration system, is driven by a gas or diesel engine. Advantages of the gas engine, which is widely used, include high thermal efficiency and secure fuel supply.

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Boiler Leak Detection and Ion Exchange Resin Monitoring at Power Station

Seawater leak detection is the post-condensation water quality management processes. Damage to the ion exchange resin, which deionizes the supplied water, is also monitored during this process, and both of these applications are executed by a conductivity analyzer.

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Optimizing Combustion Control with the TDLS8000

Industrial Combustion sources such as thermal cracking furnaces and, process heaters play a critical role in the process industry.

Industries: Thermal

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Cost Effective and Accurate pH Measurement in Limestone-Gypsum Flue Gas Desulfurization Systems

In limestone-gypsum flue gas desulfurization systems, the consumption of a desulfurization agent (lime) is controlled using online pH analyzers.

Industries: Thermal

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Chilled Water in Air Conditioning Unit

This paper introduces the ADMAG AXR 2-wire magnetic flomwmeter solution for chilled water application in air conditioning unit.

Industries: Thermal

Temperature and Pressure Compensation for Ideal Gas

Floating-point format calculations have enabled physical quantities (in engineering units) to be used in calculations.

Industries: Thermal

Photovoltaic Panel Stability Testing

With a renewed focus on domestic energy sources and a growing interest in renewable energy, the solar industry is anticipating new demand for photo-voltaic solar panels (Solar PV).

Industries: Renewable Energy

Solar Energy Data Recording and Remote Monitoring

MW100 records solar power parameters such as radiance, ambient temperature and before/after electric conversion power data.

Industries: Renewable Energy

Geothermal Electrical Generation Control and Monitoring

Hot rocks and water come together in select areas to produce renewable energy. CX2000s networked to US/UP controllers provide primary control with distributed backup control for steam turbines.

Industries: Renewable Energy

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What the Eyes Don't See: Decreasing the Risk of Belt Conveyor Fires at Large Scale Plants

A belt conveyor fire detection solution employing the DTSX distributed optical fiber temperature sensor can greatly reduce crises that can threaten a company's survival.

Industries: Thermal

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Monitoring

Industrial hydrogen fuel cells can be used to produce hydrogen and oxygen from distilled water as well as run in reverse to generate electricity. Fuel cells can also be used in conjunction with intermittent energy sources like solar or wind to provide regulated continuous energy output.

Industries: Renewable Energy

Energy Monitoring for Manufacturing Lines

MW100 and PR300 system measures and quantifies the electrical energy consumption for each assembly line.

Industries: Renewable Energy

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Finding Danger where It's Impossible to Look

With industrial and economic development comes increasingly large and advanced power plants and factories. Nevertheless, we find many cases where the original cables, cable tunnels, and other components of the power infrastructure have languished under continuous operation.

Industries: Thermal

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Geothermal Steam Pressure Monitoring

Geothermal power plants create electricity from geothermal energy. These power plants are similar to other steam turbine station; however their heat source is that of the earth's core. The created steam is used to turn the turbine for the production of electricity. Technologies include Dry steam, Flash steam and Binary cycle power stations with Binary cycle being the most common geothermal plant in current production. In the process of geothermal power generation the facility needs to monitor various processes, as in this case steam line pressure sits in remote from control room's location.

Industries: Renewable Energy

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High Purity/Ultra-Pure Water pH

One of the primary applications for high purity water is for boiler feed water. The measurement of pure water pH can be one of the quickest indicators of process contamination in the production or distribution of pure water. Effective chemical treatment of the feed water is vital in maintaining the useful operating life and minimizing maintenance costs of the boiler.

Industry:Power, Pharmaceutical, Common

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Cooling Tower: ORP Control of Chlorine

The proliferation of microorganisms and the resultant formation of slime is a problem which commonly occurs in aqueous systems. Problematic slime producing microbes may include bacteria, fungi and/or algae. Slime deposits typically occur in many industrial aqueous systems including cooling water systems, pulp and paper mill systems, petroleum operations, clay and pigment slurries, recreational water systems, air washer systems, decorative fountains, food, beverage, and industrial process pasteurizers, sweetwater systems, gas scrubber systems, latex systems, industrial lubricants, cutting fluids, etc.

Industry:Refining, Food and beverage, Power, Oil and Gas, Pulp and Paper, Chemical

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Cooling Tower

The term "cooling tower" is used to describe both direct (open circuit) and indirect (closed circuit) heat rejection equipment. Cooling towers are heat-transfer units, used to remove heat from any water-cooled system. The cooled water is then re-circulated (and thus, recycled) back into the system. Since the process water is re-circulated, the mineral concentration increases as a result of the evaporation.

Industry:Refining, Food and Beverage, Power, Oil and Gas, Pulp and Paper, Chemical

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Accurate pH Measurement in Limestone Scrubber

Wet scrubbers are used in utilities, paper mills, and chemical plants to remove sulfur dioxide (SO2) and other pollutants from gas streams. Undesirable pollutants are removed by contacting the gases with an aqueous solution or slurry containing a sorbent. The most common sorbents are lime, Ca(OH)2, and limestone, CaCO3

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Boiler Blowdown

To defray energy costs, many industrial plants have their own boilers to generate steam to produce a portion of their energy needs. In addition to generating power, the steam may also be used directly in plant processes or indirectly via heat exchangers or steam jacketed vessels. 

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The Use of an On-line Model for Site Wide Energy Costs Minimization

This paper describes the tasks performed together with Soteica, by using an on-line model, to help achieve site wide energy costs minimization.
A detailed model of steam, fuels, electric, boiler feed water and condensates system has been built, contemplating all the real constraints and degrees of freedom for their operation. The electric power system is also modelled as it interacts with the steam production and usage. Such a model is continually validated with live data. A continuous calculation of equipment efficiencies is done as part of the performance monitoring activity of the model that is running as a service.

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Achieving an Innovative Unified Operation Environment Using the Unified Gateway Station (UGS)

Recently, there is an increasing demand for operation and monitoring of all the various controllers distributed in the field on the same screens to improve plant operation efficiency. The purpose of the Unified Gateway Station (UGS) is to connect external controllers, such as the STARDOM's FCN/FCJ autonomous controllers and other vendors' controllers, to the CENTUM VP integrated production control system and to operate and monitor those external controllers on the Human Interface Station (HIS) screens, the operation and monitoring screens for the CENTUM VP.

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Reducing Lifecycle Costs With the Power of Fieldbus

From engineering to installation, commissioning, operations, and maintenance, FOUNDATION fieldbus offer significant cost reductions of 30 percent or more versus conventional analog systems. Many of these cost reductions come from the advanced functions that fieldbus offers versus analog technology.

Industries: Thermal

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Yokogawa's Modular Procedural Automation is a Knowledge Preservation Tool for the Process Industries

The world of process automation is governed by procedures. While we like to refer to the process industries as being largely "continuous", this could not be further from the truth. Process manufacturing is constantly in flux.

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Real-time Production Organizer: Yokogawa's New Approach to Production Management

The worlds of process automation and production management have been converging for some time. What once used to be islands of automation and production management functionality connected through highly proprietary integration schemes that were costly to maintain have developed into integrated platforms that provide seamless data exchange between the world of automation and the plant floor, the functions of production and operations management, and integration with business level systems.

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Visual MESA Real Time Energy Management System

In general, refineries exhibit a very good potential for real time monitoring and optimization using Visual MESA Energy Management System.

Based on our extensive experience, overall benefit in the range of 2% to 5% of the total energy cost can be achieved. Expected project payback is always less than one year.

Industries: Cogeneration

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Monitoring Mercury Control in Coal Fired Power Plants using ORP

Current trend for increasing mercury awareness throughout the public sector has caused the government to take action. Recently, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has focused their efforts on controlling mercury levels produced in various coal fired power plants. Based on information from several case studies, the EPA developed the Mercury and Air Toxics Standards to cut back mercury emissions. The most popular technology utilized by coal plants to meet the new standards is a scrubber which cleans the off gas from the combustion process. ORP sensors can further monitor the effluent from these scrubbers to ensure optimal mercury emission levels are achieved. By closely monitoring the mercury concentrations in the effluent, plant managers will be able to easily confirm their plants are meeting the EPA's standards.

Industries: Thermal

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Customers that Operates Power/Steam Cogeneration Systems with References

Industrial facilities where power and steam is produced (i.e., Cogeneration) exhibit a very good potential for real time monitoring and optimization using Visual MESA Energy Management System.

Based on our extensive experience, overall benefit in the range of 2% to 5% of the total energy cost can be achieved. Expected project payback is always less than one year.

Visual MESA was successfully applied to many industrial facilities worldwide, several of them operating steam and power generation networks of different complexity and capacity but all with energy cost savings. 

Industries: Cogeneration

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Practical Issues in Combustion O2 Measurement Specifically Related to NOx Emissions

Power plants concerned with lowering NOx emissions are making tremendous changes to accommodate EPA regulatory requirements. A substantial number of these changes include the expansion and upgrade of the plant combustion oxygen measurement equipment. There is a striking relationship between the number of NOx reductions projects and the sales quantity of insitu oxygen detectors.

Industries: Thermal

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Yokogawa vigilantplantservices: Using Applied Industry Knowledge to Solve Key End User Issues

The automation suppliers that will be successful in the long term will be those that effectively address application or industry specific problems for end users with a value proposition that cannot be ignored. These problems exist throughout the process industries today, and they won't be solved by simply offering a product, but through a combination of hardware, software, services, application expertise, and knowledge.

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Yokogawa VigilantPlant Services Revisited

In today's dynamic industrial marketplace, the only constant is change. Raw material costs, energy costs, market demands, environmental and safety regulations, technology, and even the nature of the labor force itself are constantly changing, and not always in predictable directions.

Why Yokogawa? Migrating from a Honeywell Platform to Yokogawa's CENTUM VP

Honeywell and Yokogawa have both been producing Distributed Control System (DCS) platforms for decades, and both are very active in this area. In 1975, Honeywell introduced its TDC2000 platform and Yokogawa brought out CENTUM. These two competing systems emerged from a similar place, oil refining and petrochemical industries, so they started out with similar basic concepts and use cases in mind. 

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