Temperature Monitoring in a Dryer


Temperature monitoring in a dryer

  • Temperature monitoring at various drying stages
  • Distance from the first measurement point to the control room is approx. 130 meters.
  • Switchover of existing temperature monitoring system from off-line to on-line.


  • Manual temperature reading requires walking about 130 m and climbing up and down elevated sections of the dryer stages.
  • Multiple temperature measurement points along the various stages of the dryer require many cables to the control room.
  • Very high humidity.


  • Wireless temperature measurement
    Gateway x1, Transmitter (YTA) x2 at measuring points near the dryer entry point, repeater x2 (for redundancy).
  • High quality wireless communication was confirmed.
    The PER (packet error rate) was 0%.


  • Reduced maintenance costs.
  • Robust communication with lower packet error rates.

Temperature monitoring in a dryer



YFGW710 Field Wireless Integrated Gateway

YFGW710 Field Wireless Integrated Gateway comply to the wireless communications standard ISA100.11a for industrial automation of International Society of Automation (ISA), and relays ISA100 Device data to the system via integrated backbone router. Single unit of YFGW710 has integrated functions of backbone router, system manager, security manage, and gateway.


高性能溫度變送器YTA510接收熱電偶、RTD、歐姆或DC mV輸入訊號。該變送器通製無線訊號傳輸製程變量以及設定參數。該變送器採用內定電池,由於無需硬接線,因此可降低安裝成本。通訊規格以ISA100.11a協議為基礎。




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