Constructing a Monitoring System Using Existing Sensors

Taking advantage of sensors already available in your system, you can simply add VJ series signal conditioners or the UM33A Digital Indicator with Alarms to easily build a monitoring system on a PC.

  • You can build a low cost network-based monitoring system around your existing facilities by adding the VJET RS485/Ethernet converter, VJ series signal conditioners, the UM33A Digital Indicator with Alarms, and other components.
  • Using the DAQWORX Data Acquisition Software Suite, you can easily display trends and other screens on the PC and save the data.




UM33A是一款新发布的带报警的数字指示器,可以提供多达9个报警输出和输入的校正功能(PV偏移、折线近似、折线偏移)。另外,也可选用24 V DC传感器电源。


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