According to the YSAR-14-0005E (SSLv3 protocol vulnerability of decrypting the encrypted data in YOKOGAWA products), SMARTDAC+ GX10/GX20, GP10/GP20, and GM10 are affected by SSLv3 protocol vulnerability. How do I protect the product from the vulnerability

The POODLE attack (Padding Oracle On Downgraded Legacy Encryption) which abused the vulnerability of SSLv3 protocol has become a recent topic. Since the SSL communication has been supported from the release number 2 of SMARTDAC+ series, the following products and the firmware versions are affected.

  • GX10/GX20, GP10/GP20 (from R2.01.01 to R2.02.01)
  • GM10 (R2.02.01)

However, the SMARTDAC+ series can provide encryption connection via the TLS communication strengthened more against vulnerability. Apply the following countermeasures.

  1. Web functions (Server)
    Disable SSL 3.0 in web browser before connection.
  2. FTPS (Server and Client)
    When using as a client: Disable SSL 3.0 on the server side before connection.
    When using as a server: Disable SSL 3.0 on the client side before connection.
  3. Mail functions (Client)



  • GM10模块

    SMARTDAC+TM GM10数据记录器具有模块化的体系结构,可以获取必要的数据。不仅支持I/O,还支持920MHz无线、Modbus等多种通信协议,还可通过蓝牙进行监控和设置更改。
    支持FDA 21 CFR Part11AMS2750E/NADCAP

  • 触屏式GP10/GP20

    SMARTDAC + TM GP10 / GP20是一款无纸记录仪,提供直观以人为本的设计,基于Web的功能和可扩展的体系结构。

  • 触屏式GX10/GX20

    SMARTDAC+TM GX10/GX20 是一款多点触屏记录仪,提供直观以人为本的设计,支持Web功能,具有可扩展的体系结构。


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