Level Measurement of Open CIP Chemical Tank


  • At food, beverage and pharmaceutical production lines, tanks and pipes are cleaned and sterilized every time when production is completed.
  • An open tank (Height: 2 to 4 m), open to atmosphere, is used as a chemical tank containing CIP cleaning solution. (CIP: “Clean-in-Place”).
  • Tank level is measured by pressure, but it is sometimes unstable to measure due to small gauge pressure from the tank with sanitary fittings.
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  • Pressure sensor with suitable measuring range for low pressure measurements. Among the pressure sensors with fill fluid liquid, there are limited options.
  • A pressure sensor without fill fluid can withstand steam and high water pressure with rapidly changing temperature, up to 150 deg C, during cleaning process.
  • Reliable and accurate performance under harsh process conditions with high noise levels.



Precise measurement of liquid level can be expected with EJAC60E,YOKOGAWA’s Fluidless-type Sanitary Pressure Transmitter, that performs reliably and accurately from minimum 20 kPa on small open tanks.

EJAC60E Fluidless-type Sanitary Pressure Transmitter


Features of EJAC60E (= EJA560E + C10SA adapter)

  • Fluidless transmitter has no risk of process contamination with fill fluid.
  • The sensor has a robust diaphragm design for 25 MPa (3600 psi) burst pressure.
  • Transmitter performs steady even for small pressure range (example : 20 kPa, 2.9 psi).
  • Sensor is suitable for high temperature steam cleaning and continuous process temperature up to 150degC (302degF).

EJAC60E input-output test data

Input-output test data:
Max span of EJA560E A capsule : 400 kPa.
Set range : 0 to 20 kPa (Span 20 kPa)
Catalog spec of Accuracy for this range : 0.75 %
Three A capsule units were tested after the range was set for 0 to 20 kPa. The output signal shows much better accuracy than the catalog spec.

  • Sanitary seal multi-adapter (C10SA) for a wide range of connections is offered.
    • ISO Clamp (IDF1S, 1.5 S, 2 S, 2.5 S, 3 S, 4 S)
    • Union (ISO 38, 51, DIN 25, 40, 50)
    • Inline (DN 25, 50, 80,100), Flash (DN 40)

Sanitary seal multi-adapter (C10SA)


Other details of Fluidless EJAC60E

  • Resistant to excessive pressure
    • The wetted sensor part is a reinforced type SUS 329 J 14 L.
    • Metal diaphragm prevents brittle fracture
  • Resistant to condensation
    • High moisture resistance with special moisture-proof film + coating
    • Outperforms other manufacturers more than 20 times in dew condensation tests
  • Steam resistant
    • Sensor is formed by sputtering method, resulting in no aging deterioration of the joint.
    • Electrode is fused with metal to achieve the durability for 200,000 steam cycles.
Structure of the fluidless transmitter EJAC60E


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