Ethernet connection between the DX2000 and the MW100

I want to connect the DX2000 and MW100 via Ethernet to acquire data from the MW100 onto the DX2000. Does the MW100 require the MATH function? Also, if I connect a power monitor to the DX2000, this is RS-422 communication, but I want to connect to the DX2000 via Modbus/RTU, so can I use both side-by-side?

The DX2000 (client) requires the expansion channel function option (suffix code: /MC1) or the MATH function option (suffix code: /M1). The MW100 (server) does not require the MATH function. Both serial and Ethernet can be used together. In that case, the DX2000 will require the RS-422A/485 communication interface option (suffix code: /C3) and the MATH function option (suffix code: /M1).


  • Standalone MW100

    For industrial DAQ applications, the MW100 offers scalability and can operate either standalone or integrated as a node within a larger automated system including SCADA or DCS.

  • 按钮操作式DX1000/DX2000

    Daqstation DX1000/2000系列是带显示的数据采集系统。HMI支持工业应用、审计跟踪和符合FDA 21CFR Part11高级安全性的自定义图形。


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