Contribution to Environment Protection through Development of Cardboard Cabinet

Yokogawa Solution Service Corporation (YJP)

Yokogawa Solution Service Corporation (YJP) has developed cardboard cabinets that store control systems for internal inspection or Factory Acceptance Test in projects for system upgrade already delivered to a customer in a bid to reduce waste by establishing a model for recycling carton boxes and packing materials.

One cabinet delivered from a production base comprises about 450 large and small carton boxes containing components, such as a CPU and I/O node, with the total volume reaching to as large as 4 m³. Each carton box has space for protecting the equipment and its size is much larger than the components.

The processes of inspection at YJP took a lot of time and effort: opening all carton boxes, taking out, arranging the components on a table, wiring, checking them using the inspection equipment, and repacking each component after the inspection. Space had to be secured for reshipment of the carton boxes that had been once opened. Customers that received a product also had to spend much time and effort securing space for a large number of carton boxes and opening them. Consequently, a large number of empty carton boxes were wasted.

Package from production base
Package from production base

Storage conditions of products delivered in the past
Storage conditions of products delivered in the past

By using a cardboard cabinet, YJP has successfully enhanced efficiency, eliminating the need of individually packaging carton boxes for re-shipment. Equipment that has arrived from a production base can be mounted to a cabinet of carton boxes, executed internal inspection and Factory Acceptance Test in that status, packed as is after the inspection, and transported to a site of the customer.

Using cardboard cabinets contributes to efficient work and use of resources, by simplifying work, saving space, and reducing waste, not only at YJP but also at customers’ sites. A recycle model that reuses waste carton boxes is established, which will be a driving force of 3R (reduction, reuse, and recycling). Waste carton boxes are expected to be used to supply food to various facilities in cooperation with transportation companies, making a significant contribution to society.

Cardboard cabinet

Recycle model of cardboard cabinet
Recycle model of Cardboard cabinet


Domestic patent has been obtained for this cardboard cabinet.

Application example of development of cardboard cabinet for control equipment for system upgrade 16JP0179
(Patent application claiming for domestic priority based on Patent application 2016-248336)

YJP will promote its business activities, bringing into perspective overseas expansion and global supply of its cardboard cabinet to group companies.