PST Scheduler Integration

PST Scheduler Integration

Partial Stroke Testing (PST) is a technique used in a safety control system to allow the user to test a percentage of the possible failure modes of a ESV (Emergency Shutdown Valve) without the need to physically close the valve. It is used to assist in determining that the safety function will operate on demand.
PRM PST Scheduler is a software package to enhance the plant maintenance activity by performing PST of ESVs in a scheduled manner. The package comes with a pre-defined list of positioners that are officially supported as follows:

Updated: May 10, 2023

  Vendor Manufacturer ID Model Dev. Type Dev. Rev. PRM Revision DTM Based HART Command Based
1 Baker Hughes Oilfield Operations LL 65 SVI II ESD 00CB 1 R3.04.00 or later   Supported
2 Emerson Automation Solutions 13 DVC6000 0003 2 R3.04.00 or later Supported
3 Emerson Automation Solutions 13 DVC6200 SIS 000A 1 R3.11.00 or later Supported
4 Emerson Automation Solutions 13 DVC6200 SIS 000A 2 R3.11.00 or later Supported
5 Emerson Automation Solutions 13 DVC6200 SIS 130A 2 R3.11.00 or later Supported
6 Emerson Automation Solutions 13 DVC6200 SIS 130A 3 R4.03.08 or later  
7 Flowserve 30 LOGIX3200MD 0005 1 R3.04.00 or later  
8 Flowserve 30 LOGIX3200MD 0005 2 R3.04.00 or later  
9 Neles Finland Oy 57 ValvGuard 00EB 6 R3.04.00 or later  
10 Neles Finland Oy 57 VG9000H 00D9 1 R3.05.00 or later  
11 Neles Finland Oy 57 VG9000H 00D9 2 R3.20.00 or later  
12 SAMSON AG 42 373X-3 00EF 6 R3.04.00 or later  
13 SAMSON AG 42 668547 00EE 1 R3.11.00 or later  
14 SAMSON AG 42 TROVIS 3730-3 42EB 2 R4.03.08 or later  
15 SAMSON AG 42 TROVIS SAFE 3793 42EC 1 R4.03.08 or later  

Please note that, to support the PST in Scheduled Manner, collaboration with the positioner vendor is necessary to disclose the technical information for PRM integration and arrange the positioner to Yokogawa R&D facility for testing.

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