Yokogawa Introduces Release 2 of SMARTDAC+ GA10 Data-logging Software

Tokyo, Japan - January 19, 2015

Yokogawa Electric Corporation announces that it has developed an enhanced version of the GA10 data-logging software for the SMARTDAC+® data acquisition and control system. Sales of this new version, release 2.0, will commence on January 20.

The GA10 software can collect, display, and record data from multiple data acquisition and recording devices and measuring instruments. GA10 release 2 comes with new optional real-time calculation and report output functions and features enhanced connectivity with host systems, thus helping customers improve their work efficiency and share information more effectively.

GA10 release 2 monitoring screen and sample report
GA10 release 2 monitoring screen and sample report

Development Background

GA10 is a PC based data-logging program that is used in the development and production processes in many different industries to collect, display, and record temperature, voltage, current, flow rate, pressure, and other types of data from instruments such as recorders, temperature controllers, and power meters. With this software, a system can be built to collect data from Yokogawa data acquisition and recording devices and measuring instruments as well as third-party devices that support the Modbus general-purpose industrial communications protocol, eliminating the need for advanced, but expensive system solutions such as SCADA software and DCSs. GA10 is widely used to construct systems for the monitoring and recording of data. This enhanced version of the GA10 software offers the following optional functions that satisfy the needs of customers who need not only to collect data from multiple sources but also display the results of calculations and quickly create reports from this data.


  1. Real-time calculation
    GA10 release 2 has a function that can perform calculations using data from multiple channels and display the results in real time. No special knowledge of computer programming is required: users need only to enter a formula for the calculation in a spreadsheet cell. One typical application is the development of household appliances such as air conditioners, which requires the display of temperature readings from multiple locations.
  2. Customized reports
    While the earlier version of the GA10 software can print tables containing data from multiple sources, GA10 release 2 can also print reports that contain graphs, text, and images. This function allows users to customize their reports for purposes such as filing to government authorities and reporting on product evaluation tests for their customers. To output these reports automatically, users only need to set the report format and time, thus greatly improving efficiency.
  3. Improved connectivity with host systems
    For improved connectivity with other companies' SCADA systems and higher-level databases, GA10 release 2 supports the OPC-UA industrial communications protocol. As a result, a greater variety of host systems can now access data collected by plant facility monitoring systems that utilize data acquisition and recording devices and the GA10 release 2 software or which has been stored in databases using the GA10 release 2 software.

Major Target Markets

  • Developers and manufacturers of household appliances, automobiles, semiconductors, alternative energy solutions, etc.; research institutes
  • Companies in the iron and steel, petrochemical, chemical, pulp and paper, food, pharmaceutical, water supply and wastewater treatment, electrical equipment/electronics, and other industries that utilize monitoring equipment


Acquisition, display, and recording of data such as temperature, voltage, current, flow rate, and pressure for the evaluation testing and quality inspection of products, monitoring of plant equipment, and environmental monitoring

Applicable devices

  • Yokogawa recorders, data loggers, indicating controllers, temperature controllers, power monitors, and signal converters*
  • Yokogawa Meters & Instruments power meters*
  • Modbus instruments from other companies

*Some older models not supported


The SMARTDAC+ next-generation data acquisition and control system was first announced in October 2012. The first components of this system to be released were the GX/GP series paperless recorders, and these were followed by the GA10 data logging software and the GM data acquisition system. These support a wide range of data acquisition and control applications, including the monitoring of manufacturing processes and product performance evaluation testing. Yokogawa will continue to develop and provide new products and other solutions to help its customers improve the efficiency of their manufacturing and other operations.

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