Yokogawa to Receive Control Systems Orders for 12 Combined Cycle Power Plants in Thailand

Tokyo, Japan - February 12, 2016

Yokogawa Electric Corporation announces that its subsidiary, Yokogawa (Thailand) Ltd., has received letters of intent for the purchase of control systems for 12 combined cycle cogeneration plants*1 that are to be built for small power producers (SPP)*2 in Thailand.

The 12 SPPs responsible for these projects are all special purpose companies that are jointly owned by Gulf Energy Development Company Limited and Mitsui & Co., Ltd. The 12 power plants will all be natural gas fired combined cycle cogeneration facilities, and will be located in the Bangkok suburbs. Nine of these will have a 120 MW capacity, and the remaining three will have a 130 MW capacity, for a total generation capacity of 1,470 MW. The construction of these 12 plants is slated for completion between May 2017 and July 2019. The letters of intent received by Yokogawa (Thailand) Ltd. were submitted by Toyo Engineering Corporation, which will hold overall responsibility for the engineering, procurement of equipment and materials in Thailand, construction, and commissioning for the 12 projects.

For each of these projects, Yokogawa (Thailand) will deliver the CENTUM® VP integrated production control system for the monitoring and control of the gas turbines, heat recovery steam generators, and a steam turbine. Yokogawa will also handle engineering for its products and will provide support with the installation and commissioning of these products and the training of operators.

Yokogawa believes that it will win these orders due to its solid track record in Thailand with the delivery of control systems to SPPs, other types of power plant operators, and companies that have in-house power facilities. A contributing factor is the company's strong support organization in Thailand.

Many SPP projects are currently underway in Thailand thanks to government policies that encourage the generation of more electricity for a growing economy. In addition to the 12 letters of intent for these SPPs, Yokogawa has received letters of intent for the Bang Pa-in Phase 2, TJ Cogen, SK Cogen, TP Cogen, and KCE cogeneration plant projects. With the formal receipt of the orders for each of these projects, Yokogawa will have received a total of 29 control system orders from Thai SPPs.

Through such endeavors, Yokogawa is helping Thai companies achieve safe and stable plant operations. The company aims to keep growing its power-related control business in South and Southeast Asia, with the target of achieving US$100 million in annual sales throughout the region.

*1 Plants that use steam produced from the exhaust heat of gas turbines to drive steam turbines that generate additional power

*2 Small private power plant operators that receive guarantees from the Thai government to purchase the power that they produce. These guarantees are provided under the terms of an SPP program that seeks to promote investment in power production. SPPs approved by the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) are allowed to construct small- or medium-scale power plants and sell their electricity to EGAT. They can also supply excess power and steam to surrounding industrial complexes.

Project information:

Project company (SPP) Generation capacity (MW) Start of operation
Gulf VTP Company Limited 130 May 2017
Gulf TS1 Company Limited 130 July 2017
Gulf TS2 Company Limited 130 September 2017
Gulf TS3 Company Limited 120 November 2017
Gulf TS4 Company Limited 120 January 2018
Gulf NC Company Limited 120 March 2018
Gulf BL Company Limited 120 September 2018
Gulf BP Company Limited 120 November 2018
Gulf NLL2 Company Limited 120 January 2019
Gulf NPM Company Limited 120 March 2019
Gulf NRV1 Company Limited 120 May 2019
Gulf NRV2 Company Limited 120 July 2019


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