SLAS2021 Digital International Conference & Exhibition

Fechas: ene 25 - 27, 2021
Ubicación: Virtual
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SLAS2021 Virtual Event | Yokogawa Life Innovations Life Sciences

The SLAS2021 Digital International Conference and Exhibition welcomes scientists, engineers, academics, graduate students, post-docs, and business leaders from academia, government, and industry who want to immerse themselves in the latest life sciences discovery and technology research and new products. SLAS encourages all professionals and students interested in accelerating their knowledge — and career — to attend for dynamic scientific sessions, exhilarating keynotes, new product announcements, poster presentations, and virtually-enhanced networking and partnering opportunities.

We invite you to visit the Yokogawa Life Innovations booth #142 to learn more about our wide range of precision technology solutions that can advance your laboratory automation needs. Our laser-based high-content confocal systems utilize micro-lensed spinning discs to provide superior images and can be configured to be automated with robots.


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