digitalYEWFLO 와류 유량계

digitalYEWFLO 와류 유량계는 독특하고 강력한 조합으로 전 세계적으로 45 만 대 이상 설치되며 현장에서 검증 된 센서, 바디 어셈블리와 Yokogawa의 혁신적인 스펙트럴 신호 처리(SSP)를 포함한 디지털 기술이 결합된 제품입니다. digitalYEWFLO 와류 유량계는 가혹한 공정 조건에서도 정확하고 안정적이며, 플랜트 효율 개선 및 운영 비용 절감을 제공하는 매우 신뢰성 있고 견고한 디자인을 가지고 있습니다.


Yokogawa  digitalYEWFLO 와류 유량계가 믿을 수 있는 내구성과 신뢰성을 가지고 있습니다.



단순한 설계 및 시공으로 내구성 확보.

DY Durability


고급 자기 진단

진동이 심한 환경, 과도한 유량 변동 및 쉐더 바 주변의 막힘 또는 막힘에 대한 진단 메시지를 제공합니다. 공정 분석을 통해 조건 기반 유지 보수(CBM)이 가능합니다.


Combining Noise Reduction and Spectral Signal Processing (SSP) to provide an accurate and stable measurement.


Noise Reduction

Noise caused by strong piping vibration may affect the accuracy of the vortex frequency detection. The two piezoelectric elements installed in the digital YEWFLO are of a polarized structure, so they do not detect vibration in the flow or vertical directions. The noise in the lift direction vibration is reduced by adjusting the outputs of the piezoelectric elements.


Spectral Signal Processing (SSP)

In the past, some process conditions required manual adjustment to compensate for piping vibration noise. But, Yokogawa's digitalYEWFLO Spectral Signal Processing (SSP) analyzes the detected frequency and allows only vortex frequencies to pass through the segmented band-pass-filter, thereby accurately identifying and eliminating noise. The SSP function only outputs the appropriate vortex frequencies, even under fluctuating flow rate conditions.

Yokogawa's digitalYEWFLO is simple to integrate into your existing system.


Industry Standard Communication Protocols

Yokogawa digitalYEWFLO has the standard communication protocols used. Featuring BRAIN protocol, HART 5 protocol, HART 7 protocol, or FOUNDATION Fieldbus, the digitalYEWFLO can integrate quickly into your existing system.

Beyond Standard - Yokogawa's answers to your process needs.



Standard digitalYEWFLO

Standard digitalYEWFLO vortex flow meters are available in a number of different sizes ranging from 1/2-inch to 16-inch. Available with wafer style or flanged style (ANSI Class 150 to ANSI Class 900). digitalYEWFLO has the size you need.


Reduced Bore

The Reduced Bore digitalYEWFLO meter was designed to capture the low flow applications without the need to install concentric reducers. It is very common in vortex meter applications to use a smaller meter compared to the line size. This requires the installation of concentric reducers along with the correct amount of upstream and downstream meter run to ensure a proper flow profile into the meter. By utilizing built-in concentric reducers, we can reduce the meter ID by either one or two meter sizes. This feature allows you to install a line size meter, reduce installation cost, and measure your low flows. 

Reduced Bore




Remote electronics allows you to locate the indicator away from the process measurement point and to more convent visible area. Remote digitalYEWFLO vortex flow meters are available in a number of different sizes ranging from 1/2-inch to 16-inch. Available with wafer style or flanged style (ANSI Class 150 to ANSI Class 900). digitalYEWFLO has the size you need.

The picture left shows a Stainless Steel housing. The SS housing is available option on all Yokogawa digitalYEWFLO Vortex Flow Meters.



High-Pressure digitalYEWFLO is designed to take your toughest high-pressure steam and water applications. The High-Pressure digitalYEWFLO is available with ANSI 900#, 1500#, and 2500# flange connections. Quality, dependability, and now pressure ratings to 5000 psi!



Dual Sensor

Dual Sensor

When your application requires the highest safeguards for personnel and process, the digitalYEWFLO dual sensor design offers total redundancy and is available in a broad range of sizes and pressure ratings.



High-Purity digitalYEWFLO meets the standards set forth in ASTM G93-6 Level B and ANSI B40.1 Level IV. Electropolished to a 15Ra or better finish and double bagged, the High-Purity digitalYEWFLO accurately measures critical high purity steam, water, and gas applications.

Refer to the General Specification sheet located under the 'Downloads' tab for detailed specifications.


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DY Communication (1)

Required Straight Pipe Length

Standard Type Vortex Flow Meter

Straight Pipe / Expander Pipe

Bent Pipe / Double Bent Pipe (Coplanar)

Double Bent Pipe (Non-coplanar) / Pipe with Valves / Reducer Pipe

Reducer Type Vortex Flow Meter

Bent Pipe / Double Bent Pipe (Non-coplanar)

Installation Style

Horizontal Piping / Vertical Piping 

Converter Direction

Horizontal Piping  

HART Communicator YHC5150X

FieldMate 제품 군은 지능형 현장 계기의 최대 활용을 위한 초기 설정, 일일 유지 보수 및 문제 해결을 효과적으로 지원합니다. FieldMate는 PC 기반의 전체 기능과 현장 프로토콜 구성 도구이며 FieldMate 제품군의 flag ship 제품입니다. YHC5150X FieldMate Handheld Communicator는 Yokogawa의 최신 HART Communicator입니다.

모바일 필드 장치 관리 (FieldMate)

FieldMate 3.0은 지능형 현장 장치를 명확하게 보며, 상태를 미리 파악하고, 유지 보수 작업 흐름 전반에 걸쳐 민첩성을 발휘할 수 있는 PC 기반 도구입니다.

  • CENTUM CS 3000 ensures safe and reliable operation of one of the world's most advanced LNG carriers.
  • Yokogawa successfully installed a CENTUM CS 3000 integrated control automation system(ICAS).
  • Yokogawa's integrated solution contributed to reliable and efficient operation.
  • All the instrument information is fully integrated with the instrument management system.
Yokogawa Technical Report

Progress in digital signal processing and network technologies has enabled advanced functions which cannot be achieved by traditional field devices with 4-20 mA signal, to be implemented on field devices. Standardization of international fieldbus specifications, notably the FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus, has enabled users to build optimum field networks comprised of freely chosen field devices from various device vendors.

Instruction Manuals
General Specifications

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