Time-lapse imaging of early stage mouse embryo

Time-lapse imaging: Early-stage mouse embryo

Following the injection of mouse embryos with mRNA, nearly 25,000 multicolor and multilayer confocal images of the embryos were acquired over 48 hour period as they developed to the blastocysts stage. Afterward, They were transferred to a recipient mouse that gave birth to healthy pups, each of which developed normally and had the full reproductive capability. This is firm evidence that long-term, multi-dimensional confocal imaging with CSU causes no harm to a delicate specimen such as an early-stage embryo.

Early stage mouse embryo

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Measurement condition
Z-sections/ stack 100um/(1um/101slices)
Fluorescent probe 488nm:
Pinhole 50um
Objective lens 60x silicone
Total time 48 hours
 Early stage mouse embryo

Excerpts from timelapse (MIP of chromosome)

Data:  Kazuo Yamagata, Ph.D., Center for Genetic Analysis of Biological Responses, The Research Institute for Microbial Diseases, Osaka University

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