I'm using the DAQSTANDARD hardware configurator and I want to edit settings on the DX1000/DX2000 via Ethernet, but communication isn't working.


  1. Connect the PC and DX via a hub. If the connection is working, the Link LED on the PC, hub, and DX should all light.
  2. Check the PC's IP address and subnet mask using the ipconfig command.
  3. Check the DX's IP address and subnet mask in the Network screen by pressing the FUNC key. Confirm that the PC and DX's IP addresses and subnet masks are the same, and that the host addresses are different.
  4. Check the connection between the PC and DX by using the ping command.
  5. In the DAQSTANDARD hardware configurator, click Comm > Receive Setting > Ethernet. Type the IP address under Address, and press OK. If setting the DX user name, password, and other settings, first delete and then reenter them.


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