Driving the LNG Supply Chain

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As LNG moves from a niche to a major area of the oil and gas industry, experienced suppliers are required to deliver the technologies that support it.

Yokogawa Europe BV


Increasing attention is being paid to floating liquefaction plants (FLNG) and floating storage and regasification units (FSRU). These large vessels combine a liquefaction or regasification facility with a large storage tank and have the advantage of providing higher flexibility. They also cost less than a conventional LNG supply chain.

For any FLNG or FSRU project to succeed, it is essential to Incorporate the experience gained in more conventional LNG projects. With its long track record in serving the LNG industry, Yokogawa is ideally positioned and is able to provide a total, seamless automation system solution controlling every phase of an FLNG or FSRU facility's operations.

Yokogawa's expertise in providing process automation system solutions to a wide range of industries has developed alongside its involvement in major international LNG projects, which dates back to the 19605. The company Is well positioned to provide the LNG sector with optimal technology solutions. In each LNG project, Yokogawa has delivered solutions that both reduce risk and bring clear benefits to the customer.


Yokogawa has experience In undertaking a wide range of challenging LNG liquefaction projects, completing retrofits of systems and instruments without interruption to plant systems and instruments without interruption to plant production schedules. Working with powerful Yokogawa system solutions that offer both expandability and full compatibility with older systems, Yokogawa's experienced engineers are able to execute hot cutovers of control systems as well as utility and loading plants. For the customer, this means improved productivity and greater consistency in the installation of hardware and software throughout a plant.

LNG carriers

Distributed control systems (DCS), also known within the LNG industry as integrated automation systems (IAS), are playing an increasingly important role in LNG carriers. A DCS oversees all of a ship's major systems and functions including boiler all of a ship's major systems and functions including boiler control, burner management, power management, steam distribution, cargo compression, and cargo discharge. The CENTUM CS3000 provides a highly reliable and secure control solution that LNG carriers can depend on, and Yokogawa's track record in successfully integrating key shipboard processes in a DCS is second to none, With a Yokogawa solution in place, an entire LNG carrier can be safely and efficiently controlled from a single operator console.


In the early 1970s Yokogawa developed computerised control systems with a full complement of automation algorithms and functions and began introducing these for use in LNG regasification plants. Since then Yokogawa has successfully completed a large number of these projects worldwide and presently enjoys a 58 per cent share of the global regasification market. With their accumulated know-how in this industry, Yokogawa engineers are able from the front- end engineering phase to propose an optimum Integrated solution that reduces the customers total cost of ownership.

Based on these accumulated experiences, Yokogawa will continue to play a leading role in the LNG industry.


  • LNG Carrier

    66척의 LNG 운반선은 Yokogawa의 DCS를 사용합니다. Yokogawa는 풍부한 실적을 통해 구축된 실행 역량으로 해양 산업의 요구를 충족시키는 독특한 솔루션을 제공합니다. Yokogawa는 수십 년 동안 전 세계적으로 수많은 LNG 운반선에 IAS를 공급해왔습니다. Yokogawa와의 장기적인 파트너십은 전체 라이프 사이클을 지원하면서 소유 가치가 가장 높습니다.

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  • LNG 공급망

    Yokogawa의 전 세계 LNG 프로젝트 혁신에 대한 의지는 1970년대로 거슬러 올라갑니다. Yokogawa는 풍부한 경험과 포괄적인 솔루션 포트폴리오를 통해 LNG 공급망의 탁월한 운영역량을 달성했습니다.

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  • LNG 액화플랜트

    전 세계 36 %의 액화플랜트가 Yokogawa의 DCS를 사용합니다.
    전 세계 액화플랜트의 39 %는 Yokogawa의 APC 솔루션을 사용합니다.

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  • 분산 제어 시스템 (DCS)

    Yokogawa는 프로세스 자동화를 위해서 중요한 운영 인프라를 제공합니다. 분산제어시스템(DCS)은 플랜트 또는 산업 공정의 자동화 된 제어 및 운영을 위한 플랫폼입니다. 10,000개 이상의 플랜트에서 고객의 생산 목표 달성하기 위해서 Yokogawa DCS가 적용되었습니다.

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