Low Concentration (ppm) Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer OX400

The OX400 is a low level oxygen analyzer that uses zirconia-based technologies. A thin-film deposition technology is used in the zirconia sensor that creates a molecular bond between the zirconia element and the platinum layer, allowing for a smaller sensor with a longer life.

The OX400 can be used to control and monitor various semiconductor applications, and to control environment, air leakage into inert gas, and other processes. Applications include:

  • Oxygen concentration control in semiconductor-related diffusion and drying furnaces and in LCD manufacturing processes
  • Oxygen concentration control in solder pot flow and re-flow ovens, and glove boxes used in electronics manufacturing, and in gas production processes
  • Oxygen concentration measurements to prevent dust explosions during powder transfer


Predictive Diagnostics

The OX400 includes advanced analyzer diagnostics that allow technicians to easily monitor the health of the analyzer and use that data to plan a minimal maintenance schedule. These self-diagnosis functions can detect malfunctions such as heater temperature error, temperature sensor burnout, and sensor resistance value error so preventative actions can be taken immediately.

It also includes multi selector, auto range, partial range, and pump on/off functions, and will automatically provide a range of the 4-20 mA output and give a signal of the range it’s in as well as RS-232 digital communication.

Simple, Inexpensive Maintainability

The OX400 is compact and lightweight for easy installation and features a probe design that allows for easy cell replacement and repair of internal components. With this design, the cell sensor can be easily replaced on site. 

Robust Cell Design

Its unique cell design features a cell that is less affected by contaminants which allows for a longer sensor lifetime and high measurement sensitivity while reducing unwanted effects from other process components.

Built-in Pump

Because it’s extractive, a built-in pump or aspirator gets the sample to the probe, reducing the need for external sampling systems.

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Yokogawa Technical Report

In many industries, it is becoming increasingly important every year to measure oxygen concentrations not only to ensure product quality but also to conserve the environment and improve energy efficiency. The required measurement levels of oxygen concentration vary from less than ppm to 100% depending on the application.

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