Sterilizer application: SMARTDAC+ AI-Based Equipment/Quality Easy Predictive Detection

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Having any of these problems?

  • Want to prevent unexpected product quality degradation
  • Unexpected production line shutdown due to equipment malfunction impacts the production plan
  • Preventive maintenance is expensive
  • Fewer skilled personnel, insufficient skill transfer
  • Past recorded data is stored, but not effectively utilized

Having any of these problems?


Solutions with Easy Predictive Detection

SMARTDAC+ AI notifies you of the deterioration of equipment and product quality degradation!

  • Always monitor the status with Health Score
  • AI notifies you of prediction of abnormalities on site
  • Optimizing costs by performing predictive maintenance rather than preventive maintenance
  • AI makes a steady judgment like experienced operator
  • Easy to create predictive detection models and profile trends from past recorded data (no AI knowledge and consulting required)

Solutions with Easy Predictive Detection


Sterilizer application 1

Measured data: Temperature, pressure, and others

Example: Applying the Health Monitor function

Want to avoid lot rejection by capturing prediction of faulty vacuuming after sterilization (from loose valves, weakened packing, and other causes) before an alarm occurs

Sterilizer application

Sterilizer application

  • Before a quality defect occurs, detect abnormal prediction by the changes in the health score
  • Enables maintenance and repair before equipment malfunctions
  • Can be used as a timing index for packing replacement, etc

Sterilizer application 2

Measured data: temperature and others

Example: Applying the Profile function

Want to detect product quality defects at an early stage by detecting temperature abnormalities during the sterilization process

Sterilizer application

  • Immediately detects when temperature deviates from an allowable range in real time

System overview and configuration

SMARTDAC+ Equipment/Quality Easy Predictive Detection is an industry-first feature*1 that uses AI in a recorder or data logger to utilize past recorded data for predictive detection of abnormalities. This function can be easily used without knowledge of AI, and it is possible to directly check the deterioration status of equipment and product quality that could only be judged by experts.
*1 Based on in-house research of April 2022

System overview and configuration

Click here for details >>Equipment/Quality Easy Sign Detection

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