Analog Sensing Unit VZ20X

Realize Non-Stop Production

Realizing unstoppable manufacturing equipment

The VZ20X Analog Sensing Unit visualizes what is happening in the field when production equipment experiences sudden performance degradation or downtime resulting in reduced utilization rate and safety, and contributes to the retrofitting of production equipment.


*The Analog Sensing Unit VZ20X is sold in Asia Pacific and the Middle East areas.


Equipment Maintenance Solution

Equipment maintenance solution

Problem 1:
Customers want to inspect and replace industrial machinery in a timely manner.

benefitsVisualizes the signs of equipment degradation through high-speed simultaneous measurement.

  • Provides reliable data
  • Reduces maintenance labor and opportunity loss


Problem 2:
Customers want to perform a deterioration diagnosis, but they don't have any device which can be installed on their current industrial machine in terms of size and performance.

benefitsOffers a compact unit that can be installed in a variety of facilities with sufficient performance for diagnostics.

  • Acquires diagnostic information for continuous improvement regardless of the industrial machines in use


Problem 3:
Customers want to prevent breakdowns in industrial machinery in noisy environments.

benefitsOffers a highly noise resistant and highly accurate measurement unit.

  • Enables cause analysis with highly reliable data


Product and Component Evaluation Solution

Product and component evaluation solution

Problem 1:
Customers want to accurately judge the production quality of products and components.

benefitsEnables high-quality inspection with high-speed and high-accuracy measurement.

  • Provides reliable data
  • Prevents product defects


Problem 2:
Customers want to be able to test regardless of product/component characteristics and test environment.

benefitsEnables safe testing with insulation between input channels and noise resistance.

  • Prevents problems
  • Reduces troubleshooting work


Contributes to the Retrofitting of Production Equipment

Reliable Sensing

  • Measures 8 channels of analog input on a single unit with highspeed (1 ms) sampling.
  • Multi-channel Time-synchronized measurements (up to 15 units and 120 channels).
  • Isolated input channels for reliability even in noisy environments.


Compact, Installs Anywhere

  • Compact enough to fit between production equipment.
  • Install simply by inserting the ferrule terminal with a push-in terminal.
Reliable Sensing

Compact, Installs Anywhere


Supports Any Analog Sensors

  • DC voltage, unified signal, 4-wire resistor, thermocouple (TC), and 3-wire/4-wire RTD can be measured in one unit.
Supports Any Analog Sensors


Analog Sensing Unit : VZ20X-1N1ND

Item Specification
Number of inputs 8 channels
Input types DC voltage, unified signal, 4-wire resistor, thermocouple, and 3-wire/4-wire RTD
Data acquisition interval 1 ms (fastest), 8 channels simultaneous measurement
Meas. synch. accuracy Within ±100 μs (between input channels, between units)
Measurement accuracy 0.025% of FS (with DC voltage, and power supply frequency noise removal filter enabled)
Withstanding voltage 3,000 VAC (50 Hz/60 Hz) 1 min. (between analog input channels, analog input-to-internal circuit)
Power supply 24 VDC or USB (Type C)
Operating temperature/humidity -10–55°C (DIN rail-mounted),
-10–50°C (on desktop installation) /5–90% RH
Wiring Push-in terminal, Ferrule terminal
Size Height (H) 78 x width (W) 50 x depth (D) 65 mm
Ethernet communication 2 ports, protocol: Modbus/TCP, GA10 dedicated protocol
Installation DIN rail-mounted, On desktop installation

Software (VZ Configurator)

Item Description
Parameter settings Input range/scale, Ethernet communication conditions
Monitor function Real time monitoring Self-diagnosis
Maintenance Firmware update Input adjustment


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