Remote Monitoring of Waste Water Treatment Equipment

You can monitor data on factory utilities and waste water treatment equipment remotely.

Remote Monitoring of Waste Water Treatment Equipment

  • Alarm functions enable rapid identification of abnormalities.
  • Reduces time required for periodic monitoring and patrolling of facilities.
  • Systems easy to set up, minimizing engineering manhours.
  • Powerful software (DAQWORX) available for remote monitoring.
  • Measured data can also be saved to the CX2000 storage media for extra security.


Productos y Soluciones Relacionadas


DAQWORX is the previous generation data logging software compatible with most Yokogawa recorders, data loggers, temperature controllers, and measuring instruments. 

Data Acquisition with PID Control CX2000

CX defines the next generation in process control by fusing recording, control and networking into a single, compact product.

Data Acquisition Software

Acquire, report, and analyze data from Yokogawa data acquisition and controller products with a range of easy to use and cost-effective software tools.




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