VJET Ethernet/RS-485 Converter

The VJET Ethernet/RS-485 converter is a compact, plug-in type communication converter that uses the Modbus/TCP protocol for connecting to host devices with Ethernet capability, and uses the Modbus/RTU protocol for connecting to devices with the with RS-485 communication function. Using VJET in combination with signal conditioners supporting multiple input types, you can quickly create a wire-saving, low-cost monitoring system that can monitor signals from multiple production facilities distributed over a wide field. In addition, the VJCE-01A mounting base for communication is available as an accessory for the VJ series of compact plug-in signal conditioners.


  • Mounting width 29.5 mm, occupies a minimal amount of space (designed either for DIN-rail or wall mounting)
  • Up to 31 devices can be connected via Ethernet (connects with JUXTA signal conditioners, Green series controllers, and Powercert Power Monitors)
  • Uses existing LAN for monitoring through existing network lines
  • DAQWORX can be introduced as monitoring and acquisition software
  • Worldwide power supply (24 VDC, 100-240 VAC/DC)


With the Ethernet gateway function for VJET and UT351/UT551, the serial communication timeout with devices connected downstream is about 4-5 seconds, therefore you should set the timeout time on GateCONTROL at about 5 seconds or perhaps more.

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