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Flexible device configuration

Yokogawa FieldMate Advance software can configure and adjust intelligent field devices from different manufacturers and on multiple fieldbus protocols. This flexibility is possible thanks to the use of Field Device Tool (FDT) open standards developed by the FDT Group, of which Yokogawa is a board member. FieldMate Advance also supports electronic device description language (EDDL) interface technology, and is considerably cheaper than that of conventional hardware configurators, the company says. Demand for this kind of configuration software is increasing as fieldbus technology becomes more widespread and field devices grow in intelligence, Yokogawa notes. Instrument setup and maintenance is complicated by both the growing number of device configuration parameters and the existence of multiple fieldbus protocols. FieldMate Advance cuts through this complexity and is easy to learn. An advanced version of FieldMate Advance is available, with asset management capabilities using both FDT and EDDL technologies. FieldMate will also soon support enhanced EDDL, using SDC625 for Hart and DD Service Revision 5 for Foundation Fieldbus. FDT is an open interface technology supported by leading suppliers of intelligent devices and control systems. FDT facilitates the management and configuration of field sensors that are connected to host control systems and PCs, regardless of the communications protocol (Foundation Fieldbus, Hart, Profibus, etc.) or the configuration method used by the device manufacturer. FDT technology frees users from having to learn configuration methods from different manufacturers, and eliminates the constraint of having to install devices from the same manufacturer, so more efficient plant operations can be realized. Benefits include faster commissioning and start-up, no need to purchase multiple handheld tools, easy loop testing and better device tuning, quicker and more effective training, and rapid problem solving.

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