EJA210A / EJA220A
Notice: This product was discontinued on Dec 29, 2016. See these replacement products:

The EJA-A series is Yokogawa's most successful pressure transmitter line. First released in 1991, it continues to offer high performance and high reliability for any application. With an installed base of over 4-1/2 million EJA-A transmitters worldwide, it has a proven track record that makes it a true industry workhorse.

The EJA210A and EJA220A are Flange-mount Liquid Level Transmitters in the series.

Key EJA210A and EJA220A feature include:

  • 0.075% Accuracy
  • 0.1% Stability per 5 years
  • Flush Flange Process Connection (EJA210A)
  • Extended Flange Process Connection (EJA220A)

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At it's heart, Yokogawa's Liquid Level Transmitter with DPharp digital sensor offers the performance and device intelligence needed to get greater insight into your process.

Plants run better (1)

Digital Performance




Yokogawa's DPharp active sensor and rugged construction allow users to run their plants safer and with less downtime.

Plant run longer (1)

Rugged Construction


Proven Technology



Yokogawa's DPharp pressure transmitters offer long-term stability and diagnostics to make your maintenance routine easy.

Routine maintenance easier (1)

Quicker Maintenance


No Learning Curve


Capsule Ranges

Capsule Span Range Maximum Pressure Limit
Minimum Maximum Minimum Maximum
M 4.0 inH2O 400.0 inH2O -400.0 inH2O +400.0 inH2O per flange rating
H 20.0 inH2O 2,000.0 inH2O -2,000.0 inH2O +2,000.0 inH2O

EJX210A CR.a

Process Connections


  Process connection Type Size Extension Flange
EJA210A Flush Type 3-inch
N/A JIS 10K, 20K
ANSI 150#, 300#
JPI Class 150, 300
DIN PN10/16, 25/40
EJA220A Extended Type 4-inch
JIS 10K, 20K
ANSI 150#, 300#
JPI Class 150, 300
DIN PN10/16, 25/40

EJA210A PC.a

Calibration Ring / Flushing Ring


Rings can be order as a seperate line item.


  • CENTUM VP Batch package improves productivity.
  • Reduction of operator workload and safe operation.

Differential pressure transmitters, which serve as the core of field instrumentation, are widely used to measure the flow rate, pressure and density of liquids, gases and steam, as well as the level of liquid in a tank.


August 2007

Yokogawa's new facility in Singapore will play vital role in its regional and international growth. Yokogawa Electric Corporation, a leading company in industrial automation (IA) and technology solutions, recently announced the completion of its 12-storey building in Singapore. The new facility will play a crucial role in Yokogawa's vision to be the top global IA player by 2010. 


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