Advanced Monitoring Device to Maintain Equipment and Facilities

Event-Recording Device That Detects the Slightest Change

The MW100 Data Acquisition Unit helps you to maintain your facilities. It can be easily installed during regular inspections and the like, to survey whether the facilities are operating normally. If it detects data indicating a fault, its trigger function can analyze and examine the details of the fault.

Event-Recording Device That Detects the Slightest Change



  • It is compatible with a 2-GB CF card for quick data saving and long-term storage.
  • The event-recording function (capable of pre-triggering) detects any kind of data indicating a fault.
  • A screw terminal is provided to free users from anxieties of wire extraction.

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산업용 DAQ 애플리케이션의 경우 MW100은 확장성을 제공하며 SCADA 또는 DCS를 비롯한 대규모 자동화 시스템 내에서 독립 실행형 또는 노드로 통합될 수 있습니다.


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