Tank Level Control and Monitoring in Food Manufacturing Processes


With advances in process automation comes a greater need for level measurement and control. As pressure on at the bottom surface of a liquid is proportional to the height of the liquid's surface, you can measure pressure using a differential pressure transmitter to detect the level of the liquid, acquire the data on the UT75A Digital Indicating Controller, and use the measurements to control the tank level.

And by using the VJA7, VJU7, and VJET Signal Conditioners, you can monitor the UT75A's control status as well as temperature signal and flow with the DAQWORX Data Acquisition PC software.

Tank Level Control and Monitoring


UT75A Advanced Temperature ControllerUT75A Advanced Temperature Controller


  • Enhancing Productivity by Managing a Variety of Recipes
  • Reducing Engineering Costs and Peripheral Devices
  • Custom arithmetic expressions can be created using a ladder program
  • 2-loop control with a single controller
  • A variety of arithmetic instructions and large capacity ladder programs
  • Advanced arithmetic instructions are available
  • Universal input and output

Compact Plug-in Type JUXTA VJ SeriesCompact Plug-in Type JUXTA VJ Series

  • Compact design for space saving
  • Universal input
  • Comes standard with 2 isolated current ouputs (4–20 mA DC/4–20 mA DC)
  • Globally compatible power supply (85–264 VAC/DC, 12–36 VDC)
  • Standard withstand voltage of 2000 V
  • Compliance with international safety standards
  • High precision temperature converter (±0.1% of span)

VJET Ethernet/RS-485 Converter

  • VJET Ethernet/RS-485 ConverterUp to 31 devices can be connected via Ethernet
  • Connectivity with a variety of devices including signal conditioners, controllers, and power monitors.
  • Polling of data from short-period–connected RS-485 communication devices.




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JUXTA VJ 시리즈 신호 변환기

VJ 시리즈는 소형의 플러그인 형태로 다양한 애플리케이션을 수용 할 수 있으며 고사양형은 마이크로 컴퓨터 탑재의 고성능을 자랑합니다. 제 2 출력, 아날로그 출력, 상한 / 하한 경보 릴레이 출력 및 RS-485 MODBUS 통신을 설정할 수 있습니다. 

고급형 온도 조절계 UT75A

UT75A 온도 컨트롤러는 네비게이션 키와 함께 읽기 쉬운 14 세그먼트 대형 컬러 LCD 디스플레이를 채택하여 모니터링 및 작동 기능을 크게 향상시켰습니다. 또한, 래더 시퀀스 기능도 표준으로 탑재하고 있습니다. 컨트롤러의 깊이가 짧아 공간을 절약할 수 있으며 이더넷 통신과 같은 개방형 네트워크도 지원합니다.


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