Data Management at Elf Petroleum Nigeria Limited (EPNL)

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EPNL, Nigeria
Data Management at Elf Petroleum Nigeria Limited (EPNL)

TOTAL is one of the world's leading oil companies with operations in more than 100 countries. The Group's activities span all aspects of the energy industry from upstream (oil and gas exploration and production) to downstream (refining and the marketing of refined products).

Yokogawa France is proud to serve this major account which has its global headquarters in Paris, France. We aim to provide TOTAL with state-of-the art technology by leveraging all Yokogawa's business areas: DCS, instrumentation, services, and information technology (IT).

When TOTAL's Nigerian subsidiary required head-office support for a plant information system, the Exploration & Production IT Department asked several software companies to provide a solution which could be re-used at other production plants.

The aim was to collect field data from five different locations. (Each plant is controlled by a DCS, some supplied by Yokogawa, others by other vendors.) The data are used to perform certain calculations and aggregations, to archive long-term information and then to generate a summary file ready to be sent to the business information system via FTP protocol.

Exaquantum plant information management system (PIMS) software was selected to meet TOTAL's needs. The purpose of the Exaquantum system is to:

  • Collect data from each DCS via OLE for Process Control (OPC)
  • Generate a file requested by a third party application

The main functions of the system are:

  • Data acquisition from each DCS
  • Real-time data processing
  • Aggregations (hourly and daily)
  • Historization of raw and aggregated data
  • File generation in a CSV format

Key success factors:

  • Mutual trust and a long-term partnership with our customer
  • The proven credibility of our IT approach in the oil and gas sector
  • Ease of data access (no custom programming)
  • Yokogawa's expertise as demonstrated in the Girasol project for Elf Petroleum in Angola
  • Turnkey system capability, engineered by Yokogawa France

TOTAL is looking to capitalize on experience: Exaquantum PIMS software, the best technical solution, is a step ahead of the rest. Yokogawa is committed to serving TOTAL as a global account wherever they ask Yokogawa to help them produce more, better, and as safely as possible.


System: 4 x Exaquantum


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