Chet Mroz on Critical Automation in the Energy Market @ the 2014 ARC Industry Forum

Chet Mroz of Yokogawa Discusses Critical Automation in the Energy Market @ the 2014 ARC Industry Forum in Orlando, FL. Interview conducted by Mark Sen Gupta of ARC Advisory Group.

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Lifecycle Agreement (Sustainable Plan)

By entering into a contract with Yokogawa, customers can utilize the "One-Stop-Shop" maintenance service to ensure stable and continuous operation.

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Yokogawa's main automation contractor (MAC) service delivers the full scope of project execution capabilities. Yokogawa assumes responsibility over the entire automation related aspects of the project, helping you meet budget, time, manpower, delivery, and risk management needs.

Procedural Automation (Exapilot)

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As your automation partner, Yokogawa delivers a total automation solution, covering the entire lifecycle of projects.