Conductivity Sensor SC210G

Yokogawa 는 액체 또는 용액의 전도도를 모니터링 하거나 제어용으로 우수한 온라인 분석계를 공급하고 있습니다.

이제 Yokogawa는 4선식 전도도/저항률 컨버터 SC450G, 2선식 전도도/저항률 컨버터 SC202G와 SC202S,  판넬 마운팅 전도도 컨버터 SC100을 제공합니다. Yokogawa는 변환기/송신기를 사용할 때 액체 전도도를 정확하게 측정하기 위한 다양한 센서를 제공하고 있습니다.

Yokogawa의 변환기/송신기와 센서의 결합은 표준 발전소 및 화학 어플리케이션의 전통적인 수질 측정 요건 외에도 성장하는 반도체 및 제약 시장의 까다로운 초순수 요구사항을 만족시킵니다.

SC210G는 다양한 용수 및 제조 공정 응용 분야에 널리 사용됩니다. 스크류인 타입, 플랜지 타입, Flow-though 타입, 게이트벨브가 있는 스크류 인 타입 등 다양한 마운팅이 가능합니다. 



측정 대상 Conductivity of liquids or solutions
측정 원리 Two-electrode system
셀 상수 0.05 cm-1, 5 cm-1
측정 범위 0-0.5 to 0-200 μS/cm (Cell constant: 0.05 cm-1)
0-200 μS/cm to 0-20 mS/cm (Cell constant: 5 cm-1)
온도 범위 0 to 105 deg C (chamber material: SCS14)
0 to 100 deg C (chamber material: Polypropylene)
압력 범위 0 to 1 MPa (chamber material: SCS14)
0 to 500 kPa(chamber material: Polypropylene)
측정 용액 조건 Flow rate: less than 20 l/min is recommended for flow-through type.
Air bubbles should not be mixed in the sample solutions to obtain correct measured values.
온도 센서 PB36 NTC
구조 JIS C0920 watertight (equivalent to NEMA4)
공정 커넥션 Screw-in, Flange, Flow-through, with gate valve


Application Note

Brewery is facility to produce beer. Breweries process is the manufacturing process of beer, which is a fermented beverage with low alcohol content made from various types of grain. Wheat, maize and other grains can be used for this. Brewing process starts from malted barley that is to form a mash by milling and mixing with hot water. The malt starches are converted to sugars during this process. This sugar rich water is then strained through the bottom of the mash and will be called as "wort". Then the wort will be brought to boil by bringing to the brew kettle. For bitterness or aroma hops are to be added at different times during the boil. Then the wort is cooled and aerated. And brewers yeast is added for fermentation. From the sweet wort the yeast produces carbon dioxide, alcohol and other byproducts. The GREEN BEER undergoes maturation after fermentation. Filtaration and carbonation are the last steps. Finally the beer will be stay in holding tank until it is bottled or kegged.



General Specifications
Technical Information

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