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Peace River Citrus Products, USA
Controlling a Proprietary Orange Juice
Production Process / Peace River Citrus
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Yokogawa Electric Corporation has completed a unique control system project in Arcadia, Florida, which is located in the heart of a beautiful citrus-growing region. Peace River Citrus Products has installed a Yokogawa CENTUM CS 1000 R3 control system to control a proprietary orange juice production process at its citrus processing plant. This was a turnkey solution that included complete system configuration, start-up services, and training.

One of the significant aspects of this project was the very short delivery schedule that was tied to the end of the fruit season. The customer needed to test and verify the process before the end of the fruit season to be sure that it would be ready for the next season. With the processing season so short, the system had to perform to specification or jeopardize valuable product that cannot be replaced within a growing season. The system consisted of approximately 150 I/O points and a combination Engineering / Operator Station. The customer initially considered a PLC solution but soon was pleased to learn of the many powerful benefits of a distributed control system, which included easy configuration and testing.

Classic Controls, Inc., a representative of Yokogawa based in Lakeland, Florida, was able to engineer the project, configure the system, install and start up the modern control system in time to meet the critical deadline. Since this was a new process, a complex regeneration program needed to be created. By working closely with the customer, all of the project objectives were met including the schedule.


System: CENTUM CS 1000
System Configuration: 1 x Field Control Station(FCS), 1 x Human Interface Station(HIS)
Total I/O: 22 x Analog Input(AI), 8 x Analog Output(AO)
32 x Contact Input(DI), 96 x Contact Output(DO)


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CENTUM CS, Yokogawa's legacy distributed control system, has been widely applied in plants all over the world, providing high reliability since 1993.

Sistema de Control Distribuido (DCS)

Yokogawa ofrece una infraestructura operacional crítica para la automatización de procesos. Nuestro sistema de control distribuido (DCS) permite la automatización y el control de los procesos industriales y un mejor desempeño empresarial. Más de 10,000 plantas confían en el DCS de Yokogawa para cumplir con sus objetivos de producción.


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