Equipos de Adquisición de Datos

Data acquisition (DAQ) is the measurement, recording, analyzing, and presentation of real world phenomena. It includes electrical measurements such as voltage, current, power as well as measurements through sensors and transducers including temperature, pressure, flow, level, strain, acceleration, pH, humidity, and more.

Selecting the ideal recorders/data loggers depends on your application. Typical factors include sample rates, channel scalability, signal conditioning, sensor types, analysis capability, mobility, and environmental conditions.

Yokogawa recorders/data loggers are recognized for industry leading measurement accuracy, noise tolerance, and build quality. These include most industrial networking protocols, all-in-one architectures, and typically require no programming.

  • Paperless recorders are fully integrated data acquisition and display stations with secure, built-in data storage and network connectivity.

  • Portable data acquisition systems are fully integrated, data acquisition and display stations with secure, built-in data storage and network connectivity. Portable versions are available for industrial and laboratory applications.

  • The SMART 920 allows you to collect data from your entire site without the high cost of wiring points to remote or unpowered locations.

  • Data loggers record sensor data over longer periods of time for monitoring, testing, and analyzing asset health and performance.  Yokogawa data loggers are recognized by industry for superior reliability, noise immunity, measurement accuracy, and ease of use.

  • Strip chart recorders trend electrical or mechanical signals onto paper. Yokogawa chart recorder offer world-class performance and reliability.

  • To measure kS and MS streaming or transient electromechanical signals with triggers, signal conditioning, and simultaneous sampling, use high speed data acquisition. ScopeCorders combine the advantages of an oscilloscope with a DAQ system.

  • Acquire, report, and analyze data from Yokogawa data acquisition and controller products with a range of easy to use and cost-effective software tools.


Temperature Uniformity Survey (TUS) is a vital part of the overall equipment performance and validation that ensures the heat treat/vacuum furnace repeatedly and accurately produces the same quality parts with no variance. Based upon the furnace class and its specifications, the equipment must hold uniform temperature across all zones at a specified set point and time-period, according to SAE AMS2750E pyrometry standards.


Pasteurization is a process that aims to reduce and destroy the number of viable pathogens/bacteria in the product so that the unwanted pathogen/bacteria does not cause harm to human health. Pasteurization is a critical process in a wide range of products such as: milk, cheese, juice and alcohol. Food and beverage manufacturers must demonstrate and ensure that products undergoing pasteurization meet the strict requirements of international standards so that the product is deemed safe for human consumption. Significant fines and penalties may be imposed if the pasteurization process is not followed.

  • The DX Advanced uses the following ethernet port numbers:
    • 34260 for communications
    • 34261 for diagnostics

Download and install the MW100 Viewer software; http://y-link.yokogawa.com. This includes the IP Configurator tool which is needed to assign the network (IP address) settings, and also the Viewer software for data file viewing and conversion. Internet Explorer is used for configuration, and make sure Java 8 32 bit is also installed.


Yes, SMARTDAC+ and DXAdvanced models with the math option include an operator called HOLD that provides a conditional hold of the computation in the math channel. A practical example is to stop, but not reset, a totalizer computation during a certain process condition. The HOLD math operator uses a 1 or 0 condition to activate or release the hold. This condition can be the status of a DI input channel, remote input, a software switch, or the value of another computation channel. See the instruction manual for more details on this useful math operator.


The number of channels that can be displayed per group is as follows.

GX20/GP20: 20 channels
GX10/GP10: 10 channels


Yokogawa provides National Instruments LabView drivers for the MV family of recorders, in addition to drivers for most of Yokogawa's data acquisition and Test & Measurement instruments. You can check for available drivers on the Yokogawa Y-Link site which is found at https://y-link.yokogawa.com/YL000/. Once on site, go to Software Search on the Home page, search for MV1000 (or MV2000), and you will be directed to the download page for the MV1000/MV2000 LabView drivers and other drivers.


DAQStandard (model number DXA120) is software used for hardware configuration and data file viewing.    DXA120 supports the following models:

  • DX1000/DX2000
  • MV1000/MV2000
  • CX1000/CX2000
  • DX100/DX200/DX200C
  • MV100/MV200

The newest version of DAQStandard is compatible with Windows 7.  It and available for download at y-link.yokogawa.com.   Use the Software Search on the Home page and search for "DAQStandard".


This toolkit includes:

  • How to reduce boiler accidents
  • Best practices for optimizing pressure startup and combustion
  • How to accurately measure steam and carbon monoxide
  • The Top 3 things to consider in your boiler lifecycle




    In addition to perfecting your thermal process, some heat treaters may need to meet additional industry requirements such as NADCAP (National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program) and AMS2750E specifications.

    You will learn:

    • What is NADCAP?
    • What is the NADCAP process?
    • NADCAP Pyrometry (AC 7102/8) Checklist and how it relates to the top 10 findings
    • Does my existing DAQ and control instrumentation meet AMS2750E specifications?
    • Does my existing field test instruments meet AMS2750E TUS specifications?

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