Hazardous Area pH/ORP Transmitter/Analyzer

Class I Div I 및 Class I Div II 지역의 어플리케이션 프로그램 용입니다.

Series (2)


Model Code FLEXA™ PH450G
Area Classiffication
  • Class I Div II (without the use of IS Barrier)
  • Class I Div I (with the use of IS Barrier)
Class I Div II
Measureemnt Type pH and ORP pH and ORP
Enclosure Material

FLXA21:Plastic (Polycarbonate)

FLXA202: Aluminum alloy die cast with epoxy coating (Standard offering, Aluminum alloy die cast with urethane or high anti corrosion coating (available upon request)

Cast Aluminim with chemically resistance coating; polycarbonate cover with polycarbonate flexible windowm
Housing Rating IP66 (except Canda), Type 4X (except Canada), Type3S/4 (Canada) IP66/ NEMA 4A/ CSA 3S
Power Supply 2-wire 24VDC, Loop Powered 4-Wire 110-256 VAC, Mains Power



Optimizing four key factors will decrease pH sensor costs and optimize process control and overall plant efficiency.


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