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ROTAMASS is the integral and remote type Coriolis Mass Flow Meter. Both types have highly refined digital signal processing electronics, so that accurate and stable mass flow measurement is achieved.

It is the most technologically advanced mass flow meter yet. By combining the superior design of the application specific flow sensor and transmitters with the Total Insight philosophy and functionality, the flexibility of the ROTAMASS to adapt to changing  requirements guarantees performance throughout the lifecycle of the process measurement.


No matter what industry you're in, accurate flow measurement can have a significant impact on safety, environmental protection and compliance and your bottom line. When you need the capabilities of a multi variable flow meter such as a Coriolis mass flow meter, the Rotamass line by Yokogawa has been specially designed to maximize your asset performance and return on investment. Rotamass utilizes TOTAL INSIGHT to support you throughout the product lifecycle. Simplified selections enable you to select the best option for your specific application. Expert Guide, for easy setup and operation. Process Guard, for optimized event operations and data logging. Maintenance Manager so you can ensure and confirm stable and reliable functionality. Data mobility, transfer data quickly and allow for process analysis via desktop or remote services. Advanced Flexibility, future proof your assets with features on demand and widest range of application options. Rotomass offers 6 dedicated product lines with two specialized transmitters allowing the highest flexibility and options while keeping the selection process simple. Over the past decade the need for more highly specialized multi variable Coriolis flowmeters has increased as customers face more challenging application requirements across a variety of industries. The Rotamass line was designed specifically to help customers overcome these challenges.

How many different field instruments do you have in your plant? Is your workforce familiar with all operating concepts? The technical complexity of a Coriolis meter intensifies due to the multivariable measurements. Therefore a strong focus on simplifying the fundamental operations went into the development of Rotamass transmitters in order to offer the most effective and efficient choice. Additional customized setups, predefined trend views and multiple configuration sets for fast changeover in batch production are supported. A wizard makes the setup easy and guides the user through the main configuration of the Rotamass transmitter. The state of the art event management functionality provides unique and useful support to run your processes effectively and safely. Events are easily classified by the end user, for example, an empty pipe can be classified as critical or as normal. As a next step, users can define the subsequent action to this event and adapt the meter individually to the process. The data logging function provides a total process analysis by showing the record of the measured data before, during and after the event occurred. In regards to maintenance, calibration checks are costly time-consuming and cause downtime in production but with the newly developed and patented Total Health Check, a calibration check of an installed Rotamass can be performed while in operation without disturbing running measurements. Influences on the meter are diagnosed at an early stage thus eliminating downtime and reducing your costs. Any necessary recalibrations can then be planned more efficiently. Tube health as part of the Total Health Check function completes the meter verification and Yokogawa’s FieldMate delivers a complete report about the actual health status and indicates a clear verification result within 90 seconds. Both transmitter options are equipped with a MicroSD card where all relevant device and process data can be stored. The easy data transfer allows for fast setup for other devices or can be used during remote support by Yokogawa for tricky applications. Root cause analysis as well as the provision of a process adapted configuration is now possible. Rotamass offers the widest range of I/O combinations in the market allowing the most flexible adjustment to the existing system periphery and reducing engineering and commissioning efforts. Worldwide approvals and the integrated universal power supply allow a Rotamass device to be installed anywhere in the world. For easy expansion of special functions after the instrument has been installed Yokogawa offers features on demand which can be activated simply by entering a software key in the transmitter for immediate configuration.

The Rotamass line was developed to help alleviate the challenges related to product selection and provide total insight throughout the product and plant life cycle. With six different sensorlines and two transmitters Rotamass has a solution for your most demanding application requirements and offers easier selection quicker configuration and the greatest flexibility to ensuremaximum asset performance and greatest return on your investment. For more information please visit




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El ROTAMASS es el Medidor de Flujo Másico Coriolis tipo integral y remoto. Ambos tienen altamente refinados las  señales digitales de procesamiento de electrónica, de modo que consiguen una exacta y estable medición de flujo másica.

Medidores de Flujo Coriolis

El ROTAMASS es el Medidor de Flujo Másico Coriolis tipo integral y remoto. Ambos tienen altamente refinados las señales digitales de procesamiento de electrónica, de modo que consiguen una exacta y estable medición de flujo másico.