Low Flow Integral Orifice

Integral Flow Orifice/DP Transmitter

Bernoulli's equation states that the pressure drop across a constriction is proportional to the square of the flow rate. Using this equation, smart differential pressure transmitters can infer the flow.

In this type of application, it is not only important to have an accurate differential pressure transmitter, but also an accurate "constriction". It is the accuracy of the total system that must be considered.

Therefore, Yokogawa combines an Integral Flow Orifice (IFO) with our DP transmitter in one unit to produce a total system to measure low flow accurately.

Which Series is Right for You?

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  • EJA115E

    • EJA115E Low Flow Transmitter
    • DP Transmitter attached to IFO assembly based on EJA-E Series
    • Measure accurately
    • Transmit quickly
    • Reliability over time
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  • EJX115A

    • EJX115A Low Flow Transmitter
    • Differential Pressure (DP) Flow Transmitter
    • Attached to IFO assembly based on EJX-A Series
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Which Series is Right for You?

  Low Flow Orifice Low Flow Orifice
± 0.040%  
± 0.055%  
Accuracy (Integral Orifice)
± 5%
± 0.1% of URL per 15 years  
± 0.1% of URL per 10 years  
Response Time
90 msec
FMEDA Report
IEC 61508 Certified (SIL 2)
Specification Conformance



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