Yokogawa Wins Bulk Order to Supply 1,350 Pressure Transmitters to Argentine National Oil Company

Tokyo, Japan - August 2, 2019

Yokogawa Electric Corporation announces that the Argentine national oil company Yacimientos Petroliferos Fiscales (YPF) has decided to purchase 1,350 DPharp EJA series pressure transmitters, an OpreX™ Field Instruments family solution, from the Argentine branch of its Yokogawa America do Sul subsidiary. This is Yokogawa's largest transmitter order to date for an upstream oil and natural gas project in South America.

Argentina holds one of the world's largest reserves of recoverable shale oil and gas. To accelerate the development of the country's natural resources, YPF is aggressively modernizing the facilities at 17,700 wells across the country, and plans to complete this work in a few years. Currently, approximately 60% of YPF's wells are automated to a certain extent, and the plan is to achieve a high level of automation at all the company's wells. For this facility modernization project, Yokogawa America do Sul has concluded a framework agreement with YPF to supply pressure transmitters. This bulk order for pressure transmitters is the first order to be received under this framework agreement.

Yokogawa also has concluded a framework agreement with YPF to supply programmable logic controllers (PLC) for this project. Based on these agreements, Yokogawa will continue to supply instruments and systems to improve operational efficiency and safety at YPF's facilities.

Having won this order, Yokogawa will continue to propose solutions to customers that will improve productivity in the upstream oil and gas and other sectors of the energy industry.


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