Introduction To Exaquantum

Exaquantum is a comprehensive Plant Information Management System (PIMS) incorporating a data historian for real time and historical data, alarms, and events along with aggregations, role-based views and KPIs, graphical HMI, trends, reports, and integration with different systems.  It provides a cetralized repository for users throughout the plant and is the foundation for most of Yokogawa's production, safety, and alarm optimization solutions and operator effectiveness solutions. Exaquantum can acquire data from all facets of a process and transform that data into easily usable, high-value actionable information that can be made avaialable across the enterprise.

Productos y Soluciones Relacionadas

Alarm Analysis (Exaplog)

The new Exaplog event analysis package facilitates the quantitative analysis of problems in the DCS event log. By alternating analysis with alarm setting adjustment and operation sequence tuning, you can continuously improve operational efficiency.

Alarm Master Database (Exaquantum/AMD)

Exaquantum/AMD (hereafter known as 'AMD') is Yokogawa's Master Alarm Database solution. Based on ANSI/ISA-18.2-2009 and EEMUA 191, AMD assists managers and supervisors in monitoring, assessing and auditing the behaviour of alarm setpoints as part of an alarm documentation and rationalization program.

Alarm Rationalization

Effective alarm management provides a clear view of the operating conditions, eliminating the blind spots that can lead to unnecessary plant downtime. 

Alarm Reporting and Analytics (Exaquantum/ARA)

Plant operators are often faced with a high number of alarms and abnormal situations and are therefore unable to respond quickly enough to prevent safety related incidents, environmental issues, shutdowns and equipment damage. A poorly applied alarm management policy resulting in excessive alarms and events can also make operators routinely ignore alarms due to the excessive amount of information being received.

Batch Data Historian (Exaquantum/Batch)

Exaquantum/Batch is an intelligent ISA-88 Batch Information System. It provides verified analysis and reporting facilities that collect, store and display current and historical data from batch production, equipment and recipe viewpoints.

CENTUM OPC Server (Exaopc)

Exaopc functions as a high performance and reliable OPC server for data access (DA), alarms & events (A&E), historical data access (HDA), and batch information, and also serves as a security interface for CENTUM series process control systems.

Data Historian (Exaquantum)

Exaquantum can acquire data from all facets of a process and transform that data into easily usable, high-value, widely distributed information. Exaquantum forms the basis of most Yokogawa OES.

Downtime Analytics (Exaquantum/DTA)

Planned production is often compromised by unplanned Downtime incidents and sub-optimal production rates that are not quantified in terms of Time, Rate Loss and the associated Reasons. Without this quantifiable information there is no way to consistently identify potential downtime causes and to assign activities to make the necessary improvements avoiding future lost production.

Dynamic Alarm Management (AAASuite)

Advanced Alarm Administrator allows alarm review, alarm optimizing, and enhancement of alarm response by simplifying the process of alarm reduction and minimizing alarm flooding.

Electronic Logbook (eLogBook)

eLogBook is an advanced computer-based replacement for traditional control room paper-based log books. It enables the capture of observed and non-automated data within the control room and throughout the plant, making this information available to all computer users across an organisation.

Manufacturing Data Exchange (Exaquantum/MDX)

The Yokogawa-SAP Production Management Interface package (MDX/PM) provides the necessary integration between the Production Management Systems (MES) and Business applications (ERP).

Movement Monitoring (VisaOM)

A core element of the model-based mPower application suite, VisaOM (Movement Monitoring) is designed to track raw materials, feed-stocks and products through an entire plant for continuous and batch-based processes.

Power Performance Calculations (Exaquantum/PPC)

Power plant operators have been analyzing plant performance for many years using a variety of techniques. This information has typically been available to only a select number of users such as process engineers, leaving the broader community oblivious to this important information.

Procedural Automation (Exapilot)

Procedural Automation (Exapilot) provides a flexible methodology to capture, optimize and retain procedural knowledge in a process plant while meeting requirements in reliability, flexibility, and lifecycle costs.

Remote Data Synchronization (Exaquantum/RDS)

Exaquantum/RDS (Remote Data Synchronization) enables the easy transfer of synchronization data between two remotely connected Exaquantum servers connected by fluctuating bandwidth, for example satellite and microwave links. As a result Exaquantum/RDS enables data to be transferred securely and efficiently in near-real time or slower where the update rate is not so crucial. For increased security data transfer can be encrypted.

Sequence of Events (Exaquantum/SER)

Exaquantum/SER is an event driven integrated reporting system that acquires alarm & event messages and point data from plant monitoring and control systems, and stores this information in a single database for ease of analysis.

Subsea Historian (Exaquantum/SSH)

Exaquantum/SSH collects data to assist operators in the early identification of valve degradation and dangerous process conditions to quickly isolate problems and take corrective actions before production and performance is impacted.

Alarm Management

Software solutions to help reduce risk and increase safety of plant operations through well-managed alarm systems.

Data Connectivity

Extend the power of data historian with business and process data accessed and transferred to other management systems and interfaces.

Manufacturing Operations Management

Manufacturing Operations Management (also called Manufacturing Execution Systems) is a method for visualizing the end-to-end process, with a goal of optimizing efficiency.