Introduction to Power Performance Calculations

Exaquantum /PPC provides real-time power performance calculations for primary and auxilliary equipment (such as boilers, turbines, heat exchangers) as well as overall plant efficiency.

The configuration environment is easy to use with pre-built blocks based on ASME PTC that are used to defined specific plant configurations. 'What-if' analysis provides the ability to examine different plant operating scenarios and the impact.

The solution provides key performance indicator dashboards for targeted useres to increase performance awareness that enables improved power plant efficiency, optimized maintenance, better asset utilization, bottleneck identification, and energy loss identification for continuous improvement and identificatin of optimal operating conditions.

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Data Historian (Exaquantum)

Exaquantum can acquire data from all facets of a process and transform that data into easily usable, high-value, widely distributed information. Exaquantum forms the basis of most Yokogawa OES.

Power Performance Calculations (Exaquantum/PPC)

Power plant operators have been analyzing plant performance for many years using a variety of techniques. This information has typically been available to only a select number of users such as process engineers, leaving the broader community oblivious to this important information.

Manufacturing Operations Management

Manufacturing Operations Management (also called Manufacturing Execution Systems) is a method for visualizing the end-to-end process, with a goal of optimizing efficiency.