[Live Webinar] Fiber Optic Measurement Best (& Worst) Practices

Fiber Optic Measurement Best (& Worst) Practices Webinar | Yokogawa Test&Measurement

Increasing demands for greater network bandwidth and expansion of 5G wireless backhaul has driven data rates to 400G, 800G, and beyond.

Starting with the physical layer of the optical network stack, precision measurement of these light speed signals is crucial. This webinar covers a range of alternatives used to evaluate test parameters for DWDM, OSNR, SMSR, and EDFA, and includes a discussion on interesting applications like the use of high-energy lasers across space satellite mesh networks.

Key topics include:

  • Key test methods and technologies
  • Traditional and new applications
  • Common testing oversights
  • Measuring against industry standards
  • Ensuring network element performance and reliability

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Fiber Optic Measurement Best (& Worst) Practices

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