Automating High-Content Imaging Workflows from System Design to Experiment Execution

Looking to improve laboratory workflows, data management, and imaging analysis? This webinar will cover integration of a high-content imager into a modern laboratory automation system and workflows built to utilize it. The session will describe the integration topology used in the High Throughput Bioscience Center at St. Jude and discuss some of the technical challenges that were faced with special attention paid to data handling and analysis. Using examples of experiment workflows from recent projects, the session will address the variety of ways we have used our high-content imager in the context of a high throughput screening center.

Key Topics

  • Key considerations for integrating a high-content imager into a laboratory robot system
  • Methods for interfacing between robots and the imager
  • Important considerations for imaging data management and analysis
  • How the St. Jude High Throughput Bioscience Center supports the diverse imaging needs of its projects

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  • Pharmaceutical

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