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Yokogawa Corporation of America

North America

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2009 Technology Fair & Users Conference

Terry Jones
Keynote Speaker:
Terry Jones

Founder and Former CEO

Mark F. Peters
Keynote Speaker:
Mark F. Peters

Vice President of
Gulf Publishing Company

David Johnson
Keynote Speaker:
David Johnson

President & CEO
Yokogawa Corporation
of America

Why attend?

  • Learn about industry best practices and operational excellence
  • Discover ways to increase quality and efficiency and lower operating costs through proven methods and use of Yokogawa products
  • Provide recommendations and help influence future product development
  • Network with fellow users, industry and business leaders, system integrators, representatives, and Yokogawa product and solutions experts
  • See the latest advances in Yokogawa products and solutions
  • Provide recommendations and help influence future product development
  • Participate in Yokogawa product and solutions workshops

Who should attend?

  • Those who are interested in looking into the Future of Industrial Automation and seeing how the technologies which progress one industry can move others forward as well
  • Those who own, operate or integrate Yokogawa’s Industrial Automation solutions or plan to in the future
  • Those interested or involved in the Pharmaceutical, Upstream Oil & Gas, Chemical, Refining, LNG, or Power industries
  • Plant managers and engineers who have established goals of increased plant efficiency and productivity
  • Individuals who want to learn and share ideas and best practices with product and industry specialists