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Controllers: US1000

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What PC operating systems are supported by the LL1100/LL1200 software?

  The LL1100/LL1200 software version R1.07.01 and higher supports the following operating systems: -Windows XP (Home Edition/Professional , 32 bit version )-Windows Vista Business (with Service Pack 1, 32 bit version )...

I have lost/damaged my LL1100/LL1200 (US1000 communication) cable and/or infrared module. What are the part numbers so I can order replacements?

Unfortunately, the cable is only available as part of the LL1100/LL1200 programming package and not as an individual part.​...

Are the 4-20mA current outputs on the US1000 current sourcing or sinking?

The 4-20mA outputs on these controllers are all current sourcing.  In other words these are powered outputs and it is not possible to change that.​...

What are the torque specs for the mounting brackets and terminal screws of the US1000 controller?

The torque spec for the mounting bracket screws is 0.20 Nm or 1.77 in-lb.  For the terminal screws, the torque spec is 0.80 Nm or 7.08 in-lb.​...

Is the US1000 controller approved for Class I Div 2 areas.

Yes it is.​...

Does the US1000 controller support Ethernet IP?

No they do not.  They do however support Modbus RTU/ASCII.​...