North America Quick Ship Program

Fully Stocked, Fully Staffed, and Fully Safe

During this time of uncertainty and supply chain disruption, Yokogawa is committed to meeting your delivery needs. We are open for business, shelves are stocked, and all of our production lines are operating at standard lead times. See our pledge to worker safety.

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Need It Sooner?

Shutdowns and other emergency situations happen, which can have a critical impact on your production schedule. That is why Yokogawa is pleased to offer improved delivery with our Quick Ship Program. With quick shipping, you can have the products you need sooner, allowing you to remain on schedule after an emergency situation.

Yokogawa is able to deliver quick shipping for many of these standard products by pre-building them to have sub-assemblies prepared, contributing to a shorter lead-time and an overall faster shipping process. Through our Quick Ship Program, we ensure an expedited ship date, cutting down our standard ten day lead time for most products including pressure transmitters, flow meters and various analyzers.

Transmitters Flow Meters Gas Analyzers Liquid Analyzers Controllers Recorders

Assembled in the USA

Yokogawa continually aims to provide value for society together with our customers. Most of Yokogawa's process instruments are assembled in the United States, which allows for local flexibility and investment in the local marketplace. In addition, by manufacturing and calibrating our instruments in North America, we are able to expand our offering.

Delivering Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is important to us. We are committed to delivering a positive customer experience, and our Quick Ship Program is just one of the many ways we aim to achieve this. We want to help our customers keep their projects on track, which is why we are glad to make many of our products quickly available to you when you need them.

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