Can the FU20F or FU24F SENCOM sensors be used to measure pH and ORP at the same time?

Yes, the SENCOM Module in these sensors allows a Modbus Master to
connect using Modbus RTU protocol and access the following data:

  • pH
  • Temperature compensated pH
  • ORP
  • pH compensated ORP
  • rH
  • Temperature
  • Junction resistance value
  • Sensor details (Model, Serial Number, production date)
  • Sensor calibration data (zero, slope, temperature offset)
  • Sensor status signals (e.g. Glass impedance detection)

As shown in the diagram above, our pH is calculated by subtracting value B from value A. To do this the B value is stored inside the sensor and can be displayed independently at any time. Since ORP is simply the value of B, we can easily display both pH (A-B) and ORP (B) without any issues.

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