The IAC-24 is an ultra compact device that mounts directly onto the ZR22G or ZR202G zirconia detector. It is used to calibrate a single detector. The unique mounting configuration is designed to minimize installation time, wire pulls and tubing runs that are typical with auto calibration. This low cost, simple system has no adjustable parts.

It uses a special solenoid valve that manages the gas flow into the zirconia detector without the need for flow meters. Just set the required input pressure and the device maintains the correct calibration and reference air flow rates.

The device operates on 24V DC and so can be used directly with the EXAxt ZR402G and the new O2mation AV550 multichannel oxygen analyzers.

  • No adjustable parts, set and forget configuration
  • Operates on 5-7psi inlet pressure
  • Quick disconnect, amphenol weather proof electrical fittings
  • Dry instrument air as span gas and reference air
  • Ultra compact, direct detector mounting


Application Note

Tantalum Capacitors are electrolytic capacitors that use a material called tantalum for the electrodes. Large values of capacitance similar to aluminum electrolytic capacitors can be obtained.



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