Operations Management

Operations Management, as it applies to the industrial automation industry, is the process of designing, visualizing, and orchestrating plant production and business systems.

  • Permit to Work

    Permit To Work (PTW) is a formal communication system for risk identification, management & control, and communication—a module of Yokogawa's fully integrated Operations Management System.

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  • Incident/Near Miss Management

    Incident Management is an essential business process to help avoid major incidents and near misses that lead to major accidents in complex chemical operations facilities. Our solution focuses on People-Plant-Process and is one part (module) of Yokogawa's fully integrated Operations Management System.

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  • Field Assistant

    • Field Assistant mobile application
    • Assists daily round, maintenance, and operational field tasks
    • Recorded data to be merged into "Operations Management system" 
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Product Overview

In 2019, there were more than 5000 fatal work injuries in the U.S. alone, the most since 2007. As companies digitally transform, safety and the well-being of workers have never been more important. 

In this on demand webinar, we show you how to put risk assessments into the hands of those who are working on the front lines, every day. 

Product Overview

Learn how to apply the skills and knowledge of your most experienced operators to every shift, every day, aligning all aspects of the handover for maximum efficiency, safety, and profitability.


In this video, Yokogawa’s DX Safety Leader, Taylor Schuler, explains how digitalization can benefit the many facets of safety in terms of assets, processes, and an empowered, connected workforce operating on-site and remotely.

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In this episode, Elizabeth Corner speaks to Mark Breese, Global Sales Manager, Yokogawa RAP, about safe contractor management and digital control of work systems. Mark offers insight on: contractor incident statistics, managing contractor EHS performance, digital control of work solutions, and safe workforce culture.


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